U2 Confessional Box!


You’ve been naughty, haven’t you?  We saw what you did with the trash,
trampoline and party girl.  Shame!   It’s time to repent.  Step into the U2
confessional and confess your funny, craziest, wackiest, sinful U2 ways and go
into the weekend cleansed.

Mine:  While home alone the other day, I was pretending to be Bono at the beginning of Until the end of the world from the Slane Castle video and gyrated so much I threw my back out.  When my wife found me an hour later lying on the ground, I told her that I slipped on one of our son’s toys.  He got the punishment he deserved.

Post your U2 confession here and U2radio.com will have mercy on your soul.

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An avid U2 fan, who doesn't take our group too seriously. Sixth grade teacher, married and have an 8 year old boy who is also a huge fan...he didn't have a choice.

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37 thoughts on “U2 Confessional Box!

  1. Joe, it´s funny that you once pretended to be Bono. Sounds familiar to me! One day after attending an Elevation show in Munich I found myself at home on a boring rainy afternoon. I put on a black leather jacket and wearing old sunglasses of my Dad I delivered a sort of “Bono performance” while listening to Elevation. My fist was the microphone. Of course I was alone in the house (I would have never dared to deliver that “performance” in front of somebody else).

  2. Classic Pam. Who hasn’t pretended to have been Bono? You have repented. You are cleansed. 😉

  3. And here are a few other (youthful) sins: When I received The Joshua Tree as a present on my 15th birthday the word “Joshua” was something I found so hard to spell as an Austrian. So I slowly read “The YOS-HUA Tree”.

    When I once found Bono´s image in a music magazine during the Popmart tour I tried to “beautify” his face a bit by overpainting it. Below the photo I wrote “May 10th 2060”. Of course I felt guilty later and threw that “artwork” into the rubbish bin.

    Some people say that Coldplay copy U2´s trademark sounds. I confess that I have two Coldplay albums. Sometimes I don´t remain true to U2. It´s a sin and I can still get some “sin”faction!

  4. Thanks, Joe! I´m relieved that I´m cleansed. Can you also forgive me my other sins, please?

  5. Pam, you have been naughty. Your penance is to say 3 Hail Mary’s and 10 Joshua’s. 😉

  6. Okay, Joe, I´ll go to church to do my penance now. If God will send his angels so that I´ll be a better person in the future…;)

  7. Summer 1993, I was sixteen, Zooropa hit the stores and I wanted it, I needed it, but as a teenager I had no money. I begged, I cried, but no one wanted to buy it for me. My brain started to work hard and thought a great plan, I told my mom I had a birthday party and I needed to buy a present for my friend, she gave me the money and I run to the music store to buy it. I lied my mom, guilty? Of course, but I got my Zooropa

  8. Clearly Ana, you were a juvenile delinquent. Lying to mom is a no no! However, Zooropa was a must have. So take your Babyface and eat a Lemon and you will be forgiven!

  9. The first U2 book in my collection was borrowed from the library. 18 years ago. I still have it. It’s sitting on my desk as I write this, in fact, because I only recently bought a replacement copy that’s not all marked up, and I’m contemplating what best to do with the library copy.

  10. I read you Broadsword, but how have you lived with the guilt? You are forgiven my son. Get on your knees boy and kiss the sky or at least return the book, you thief. 😉

  11. *breathes deeply* I feel as though a great weight has been lifted from my heart.

  12. A few years ago I was on my moped stopped at a light on Ainsley Bridge when I noticed it was Bono in the car next to me. I was so excited I near wet myself. His window was down so I started to chat. He was very personable, not full of himself at all. I guess I must have gone on a bit too long, though, cos when the light turned green for the second time, he took off; me still in mid sentence.

    Oh, and I lied once.

  13. For shame Leeny. Riding a moped? JUDAS! Your penance is to listen to The Fly! At least The Fly moves quickly. No wonder Bono didn’t stop.

  14. Remember the leather waist coat Bono wore on the Joshua tree tour. I wanted one so bad.
    I got the opportunity to own one that had ‘ fallen off the back of a lorry’….

    Still have it

  15. I know, I know. The shame of it all.

    Now my Kawasaki 454 LTD was a dream bike!!!
    Left my ex and his Honda in the dust every time.

  16. Wait a minute! I just realized I got a penance but no absolution.
    Everyone else was forgiven, but not me!

    I’m devastated. My faith is completely shattered.

  17. I have some U2 confessions.
    1. I didn’t get to see them until 2001 – I am a blow in fan
    2. I don’t own the Vertigo dvd
    3. I was the one responsible for renaming certain parts of Bono ‘the mango’ after looking through pics of the Vienna concert.

  18. You said I only had to listen to it. (I had planned on doing that with my hearing aids out). Now you say I have to sing it? You’re so cruel.

  19. Zhiv, no absolution without intent to stop ogling at Bono.

    Leeny, I NEED to hear The Fly !

  20. I must confess that sometimes I wish when the angel came crashing back to earth at the end of Stay (Faraway, so close), he laughed while looking up at the sky and yelled “SUCKKKKAAAAAAAAA!”

  21. ??? BACK to earth?
    I’ve a feeling we interpret Stay very differently, you and I. For a long time, I’ve hoped so.

    Perhaps a future blog???

  22. I confess to feeling high as a kite right now. 21 miles in sub-freezing temps with U2 thru the buds does that to me.

  23. Like a fish needs a bicycle, you need absolution. Burning 1 Finfab t shirt would be a true act of contrition.

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