Bono’s Atomic Bomb!

Your Spanish Eyes will not believe this! Listen, I thought I’ve seen it all in regards to U2, but this takes the sh*t, I mean, cake. Spain is bringing in the heat for this holiday season by producing a Christmas ornament of Bono dropping an atomic bomb. I don’t want this, I NEED THIS hanging from my Christmas Tree, front and center between my baby Jesus ornament and my egg carton bell ornament from Kindergarten I made over forty years ago. What says, “Merry Christmas” more than an ornament of Bono dropping a mean growler….nothing does!

Apparently, these little figurines are an old Spanish tradition and part of the Nativity scene, usually hiding in the back.

Baby Jesus….check
3 wise men….check
Camel & sheep….check
Kid dropping a deuce….check

Listen, I thought Bono took a good dump with NLOTH, but this blows NLOTH out of the toilet. If you don’t think I ordered this yet, you’re crazy. Next year, I need a Bono Christmas ornament where he shows the world his Iberian Peninsula.

This Bono Christmas Decoration Is Weird for Two Reasons (Although It Really is the SH*T. Literally.)

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