Bono’s new scarf!

As if U2 didn’t love Boston enough, have you seen that Bono has teamed up with the bad boys of Boston, Aerosmith! That’s right, Steven Tyler says, Walk this Way and Bono does just that. You know what says, “Aerosmith” more than Steven Tyler’s huge lips and their great rock sound….his trademark mic scarf. For 40+ years, “The scarf” draped the microphone of Steven Tyler from the Garden in Boston to every corner of the world and now Tyler is putting the scarf to good use. Get lead singers from the top groups in the world to pose with the scarf…..instant money maker.

Tyler has started, Jaine’s Fund, a philanthropic endeavor to help domestic violence victims and get them back in the saddle of a happy life.

U2 may have turned its back on its song, The Troubles, a song that deals with domestic violence and not play it live anymore, but we cannot collectively turn our back on this major issue. The numbers are staggering: 1 in every 5 girls are sexually assaulted and that should disgust every one of you, like it does me. Do something to stop this epidemic, today, before another one of our sisters goes on a permanent vacation. Check out Jaine’s fund.

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2 thoughts on “Bono’s new scarf!

  1. “The Troubles” isn’t about domestic violence. It’s about one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in Dublin during the early 1970’s.

  2. Drew, you’re mistaken. You may be referring to, Raised by Wolves or SBS, which are referred to as, The Troubles. However, the song titled, The Troubles is about domestic abuse.

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