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New York City:  You can never please all your fans all of the time. However, U2 has done a stellar job of keeping their fans on board with their musical swings.

Not this time. U2 fans from around the world have been checking in with disappointment from “verify” ticket master process to the few singles released.  

It’s too early to say if this album will sail or flop what we can say is that U2 fans have been expressing their feelings on many social media sites that have the balls to allow fans to express their thoughts, and not bow down to the label.  

U2 will release their new album “Songs of Experience” on December 1 and will embark on a worldwide tour in the new year.

But 7,000 lucky fans won’t have to wait until 2018 to see them play live. The Dublin band have been announced to perform in London on Saturday evening.

Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton will receive the global icon award at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

To coincide with the prize, U2 will play in Trafalgar Square in London on Saturday evening for free.

Source: U2TourFans

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3 thoughts on “Experience Leave Fans Disappointed

  1. My friend was in the “experience” group and got an e-mail stating that she wouldn’t get a presale code. she is a long time fan, this totally sucks. She has been a fan since Propaganda days!!!! They don’t care about loyalty.

  2. As a U2 fan since 1980 – unquestionably the greatest rock band of all time – the songs released so far are not great. Not one of them. Here’s to hoping some great songs appear on the album when it is fully released.

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