PopMart Archives

Early in 1997, U2 contacted Microsoft to give U2 an presence online during the duration of the PopMart tour. So in April 1997, PopMart Online was born. Headed by Sebastian Clayton, it attempted to give U2 a presence online using the latest in web technology, including live chats with the band over IRC and webcasts of the PopMart tour that included live audio and video. The site was closed after the 3rd leg of the PopMart Tour in December 1997, although the site had lay practically dormant since August 1997. I have obtained some of the content of that site and from here you can view a lot of what was originally on what used to be u2popmart.msn.com.

Included here are links to chat transcripts, interviews, a discography, a biography and other pictures.

Interviews / live chats

Adam Clayton live chat
The Edge live chat
Paul McGuiness live chat
Seb Clayton live chat
Willie Williams live chat
Pete The Greek chat
Interview with Flood
Returning to Ireland : An interview with the band

Other items previously from MSN :

Bono on Silver And Gold
Brendan Kennelly : Pop Critic!
The Website Credits