Did U2 Morph into Kiss?

And here I thought that U2 had turned into some 21st century tree hugging environmentalists? Have you heard about this, “commemorative ticket?” Remember back in the day, you’d just shove that creased up old, grubby ticket stub in a ratty, old shoebox and forget about it….forever, me too, but now we have the Internet and wireless tickets and U2 wants to capitalize and jump on your last nickel. Apparently, your hard earned isn’t hard earned enough and U2 wants you to buy a glossy version keepsake for the ratty, old shoebox that inevitably will end up tucked away, deep in your closet.

Kiss is the ultimate version of capitalism. Kiss would sell their mothers if they licensed their corporation in a 3rd world nation rather than here in America. Kiss have thrown their names on everything from toilets to coffins for a buck, but they’ve been doing that from day one. Bricks from Windmill, now commerative tickets, can Edge’s beanie be that far behind?

Listen, I know U2 has sold other items, over the years, that were unavailable in other forms, but to charge for something that you’ve already purchased….goes too far. Fans spend anywhere between $75-$250 for a ticket to see you and now for another $5-$10, you’ll throw them a nice glossy ticket stub? And don’t give me this crap, “The money is going to charity.” At least Kiss tells you that they’re money grubbing capitalists and they’re proud of it. I can see those private planes, too and they’re getting fancier & fancier!

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