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Have you seen the “Guess my Age” craze that’s been burning down the internet the past couple of weeks? It’s accuracy is uncanny. After submitting an image of my adorable, loveable mug, it came back that I am either 57 years old or a very old looking 4th grader. I even plugged in a few recent photos of Bono that have been floating around and the app declared Bono…….”Deceased.” For all you literal nuts, that was a joke. Anyways, it got me wondering…Could I predict “Your U2 Age” with a few simple questions? Now even though this is not scientific, I’m confident that I can guess your U2 age within say, a quarter of a century. Let’s give it a try, shall we.

If you think U2’s CD NLOTH is U2’s best work, you’re either over 80 years old or under the age of 10. Only people who are borderline senile or are too young to have a completely developed brain would think that NLOTH is U2’s best work.

You remember Bono’s mullet or The Edge having hair: 60+ years of age. You may want to jot those memories down. It’s only a matter of time before you begin to forget them.

You watched Live Aid, live on TV. 50+. You can vividly recall the 12 hour version of Bad & Phil Collins playing all 8 continents in the same day.

You bought Boy on 8 track when it 1st came out. 100+. You don’t quite remember where you put it, but are fairly certain it’s near your Betamax version of Rattle & Hum.

You like Passengers. Chronologically, 47.2. Developmentally, 3.17.

You were alive before Point Depot went through 22 name changes. 50+. If you had a drink in this establishment to celebrate each name change, you may want to get your liver checked.

You stood in line to buy The Unforgettable Fire Tour concert tickets. You died about a decade ago.

How close was I? Spot on, right?

Remember, this isn’t scientific, but more importantly…..THIS IS SATIRE! 😜

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