U2’s Ticket Pecking Order!

Talk about payback! U2 just kicked the collective world in the blarney stones for a little racism thrown at their ancestors, way back in the mid 1840’s, 50’s, 60’s….. and, well, you get the point. Bono and the boys took the “Irish, need not apply” sign and just stuck it in the moment that you can’t get rid of and pulled the old one, two shuffle. Apparently, the hands that built America are now slapping us across the face and shoving the non-Irish to the back of the line where there is no horizon. So, after some extensive research, I discovered the actual pecking order for purchasing tickets to see U2 in Ireland.

Pecking Order

People that currently live in Ireland.
People that use to live in Ireland.
People that have unused pre-sale codes that are of Irish heritage.
People who drink more than 3 Guinness’s a day.
People that have eaten a boiled dinner and did not puke.
People that have a shamrock or leprechaun tattoo.
People that are Irish and Catholic.
People that are Irish and not Catholic.

All other nationalities, ethnicities, races, creeds and genders.

Lowly, U2radio.com bloggers.

I’d like to personally thank all of my fellow Bostonian ancestral brothers for not having the foresight 160 years ago, who probably shafted the Irish as they arrived here in Boston, for not knowing that the world’s biggest band would one day hail from Ireland, costing me an opportunity to see the best band in the world in their backyard. Thanks a lot! 🙁

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