U2’s Indecent Proposal

Did we time travel back to 1987? I could understand this move if U2 were promoting Joshua Tree, but it’s 2015! Less than three weeks left before opening night and this is how U2 plans on generating interest? For those who haven’t heard yet, U2 shot a video for their third single, Song for Someone this past weekend in Los Angeles. The problem, Woody Harrelson is starring in it. Wait, what? Woody Harrelson? Talk about being down & out in Beverly Hills. What, Eric Roberts wasn’t available? Listen, we all know U2 is teetering on the fence of irrelevance, but Woody Harrelson has been living on the wrong side of the relevance fence for decades. Woody Harrelson is to music groups what Florida is to the elderly, a place to go to die. Sure, Woody has had a little resurgence with the new TV show, True Detectives, but let’s be real. Woody said bye-bye to relevance with the ending of the TV show, Cheers…..and that was a quarter of a century ago.

Song for Someone is an absolute brilliant gem of a song. A true masterpiece and now it will be permanently connected to a D-lister like Woody Harrelson? Listen, white men may not be able to jump, but white musicians in their 50’s can’t jump-start their careers using washed up actors in their videos, that would be a natural-born career killer. (See what I did there)

A few months back, U2 went 21st century on all our asses with their innovative CD release on to the unexpecting iPhones of half a billion people and now have stepped backwards into the 18th century, digging deep into Bono’s rolodex of has-beens for this move. Maybe U2 should rename the song to, Song for Someone that no one under the age of 50 even knows. I wish you luck with this move U2.




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