U2’s One Direction!

One Direction fans, lend me your ears….em…wait, what? On 2nd thought. U2’s upcoming tour took a back seat this week in the music world due to the news of teeny bopper sensation, Zayn Malik (yes, I had to Google him) of One Direction leaving the band. Within minutes, 99 % of the world under the age of 20, began to cry its collective eyes out on social media, which would be a typical response, I mean it’s not as if the kids are in class or working a job. Even ISIS I think took a moment of silence. However, things quickly spiraled out of control when a Twitter hashtag cut4Zayn took off. Young teenage fans of the boy band sliced up social media posting pictures of themselves self-mutilating body parts illustrating how distraught they were over their displeasure of such a move. Watching this terror unfold made me think about our own band’s mortality and how I would react if and when U2 calls it quits. We all know that the end is closer than the start and that U2 is one step closer to the end, but how would I react upon hearing the news, if say, Bono left?

Would I take a day off from work? Well, being a teacher I only work about 100 days a year, so the chances of the news coming on one of my 400 days off a year is pretty good. Would I cut myself like a One Direction fan? If the news fell on a day I was shaving my back, anything is possible. Would I cry for days on days at our beloved man leaving? Probably, but I cry every day, so this would not be out of the ordinary for me. Would I withdraw from all my friends and not talk to them for days? I’m a lonely blogger for U2radio.com, I’m flattered that you would actually even think I have friends. Would I drink myself into oblivion just to make it through each day? How do you think I get through each day, now? Seriously, I wondered if my life would change or be altered at all? Am I even a true U2 fan, if I didn’t do any of the things previously listed?

I was a teenager once. Who knows what I would have done to myself if Gene Simmons ever left Kiss, when I was young, vulnerable and stupid. I remember being shocked when Kiss took off their makeup. How could guys that ugly be doing better at life than me was my initial thought, but then the sadness subsided and I moved on to a more sophisticated group…Insane Clown Posse!

One Directions fans, pull yourselves together. U2’s bandwagon has plenty of room for you. The only way any member will be leaving U2 is in a body bag, so it’s pretty safe to say that your heart won’t be broken….unless they create another NLOTH! 😉


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