Know Your Bonoisms, Part 24: Bono the Broheim

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Bonoism, and it’s high time I did one about Bono just being a dude (or…bloak? Or is that just an English thing?) When he’s not lobbying for better retroviral drugs in Africa, gravely injuring himself or attending a seemingly endless string of weddings and funerals all over Europe, Bono is a guy, bottom line. A man’s man. A broheim. Sure he is – Bono, he’s just like us (well, like you if you’re a guy – since I’m a girl).

Examples:Bono Oprah Shopping

  • He cringes at his daughter’s sex scenes! As does Melanie Griffith, who’s definitely a girl’s girl.
  • He goes to football games! If by football, you mean soccer (which they do, over there).
  • He goes shopping! With Oprah. Just like you!
  • He drives his own car! Okay, he doesn’t. But Ali does…so close enough!
  • He rides a bicycle! He likes it because it’s a safe form of exercise that poses no risks whatsoever to his well-being, nor does it threaten any of U2’s scheduled appearances. Bono the Bro

And of course…

Bono loves his bros! Like Bruce Springsteen and Bill Gates…just like you! Okay, we all know he loves his childhood peeps too – and of course that includes Edge, Adam and Larry. Bono is a straight up bro, and despite the snarky tone I’m using here, I feel it’s time we acknowledge that he bros it out regularly.

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