U2’s Face Lift?

What’s in worse physical shape at this moment, Bono or the Joshua Tree? The latest destruction to the Joshua Tree being uprooted is despicable….. but it’s gotta be Bono, right? I mean, have you seen Bono lately? Sure, he looks great not having his humerous hanging out of his ear, but have you looked closely at his face? To me, it looks like he got on his boots and ran face first into a botox needle. And what’s up with his hair? The Joshua Tree’s roots are in better shape……….and they’re dead! Forget about the brown/auburn/reddish highlights, I’m talking about his hairline. His forehead is quickly catching up to his ego in size. Talk about a Lemon! When the doctors told us last November that Bono had a hairline fracture, I didn’t know that this is what they were referring to! Hairline fracture, my ass. The Edge has more hair now than Bono does and he’s bald. No hairline on the horizon. Listen, Bono is in his 50’s and things are going to start to happen to his physical appearance, it happens to the worst of us. It just seems that Bono went from his vibrant self to being one step closer to the nursing home, overnight.

Bono’s face is a clear indication that “I have some scars from where I’ve been” and they are beginning to take its toll. The line, “I’m not broke but you can see the cracks” is proving more prophetic than ever. Now I know why Guy Oseary has done his Disappearing Act when it comes to being seen with U2. Guy doesn’t want to be mistaken for Bono’s grandson. Understandable.

It looks like Bono needs to hit the road and get on tour quickly. Let’s just hope he doesn’t hit the road with his face again. I hear botox leaks are worse than oil spills. 😉


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