Bono is “Out of sight!”

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The good news, Bono doesn’t have Ebola, which was floating around social media last week. The bad news, Bono does have glaucoma, which he revealed on the Graham Norton show the other day.  Listen, I know U2 is out of sight, but this goes too far.

There’s more to this story that meets the eye. This revelation puts a whole new spin on “Vision over Visibility.”  We know Bono is a pupil of the spoken word, but I’m not sure if I can ever listen to Iris again without thinking of Bono’s glaucoma.  I mean, how is Bono suppose to ” Free himself, to see himself” if he needs his wrap arounds 24/7 & beta blockers?

As U2 galloped through Western Europe promoting SOI last week, Bono mentioned a song title & lyrics of a song that will appear on their upcoming new CD, Songs of Experience. The song titled, The Morning after Innocence is about a conversation between older Bono & younger Bono.  The song will probably be an introspective look describing to younger Bono the world older Bono has seen….but Bono has glaucoma, won’t that cloud his judgement, if not his vision of the world?  Fear not my fellow U2 fans, Bono sees better than Helen Keller wearing a blindfold in a dark room.

So what exactly would older Bono tell younger Bono to “keep an eye out for?” I’m glad you asked.

You’re going to play this event called Live Aid in front of millions of people. You’re going to leave the stage, dance with this girl & your band mates will play a 20 minute version of your hit song Bad wondering where the f*ck you went.   This 1 move will inspire future songs titled, Disappearing Act & Invisible.

There’s this country called Ethiopia on this continent called Africa that you will spend a month in…. that will change you for the rest of your life in a profound way. You’ll make a CD titled Passengers that will change you in a profound way also, but not in a good profound way.

You’re going to create this song midway through your career called, Where the streets have no name that many will consider to be your all time best & then you will spend the other half of your career trying to top it. The Fly will come close, Get on your Boots will not.

You’re going to have two hiccups in your career, Pop & NLOTH. Some will say they’re not hiccups, but you wouldn’t lie to young Bono, calling them hiccups is being nice.

In 2014, you’re going to create this masterpiece titled, Songs of Innocence. Tell young Bono it will be considered to be his best work to date.

Old Bono should tell young Bono that they’ll be this craze called “The Internet” & “Social media,” where haters & shut ins will try to disparage all the great work that you do. It’s fear, so deny it.

Old Bono should inform Bono regardless of his good looks, a mullet never looks good.

Many haters would like to think “A Bono out of sight is out of mind.” WRONG! Just like a Miracle, you’ll wish you were blinded, like Bono.  He captures the purple Irises the camera can’t see.  Keep your eyes open because Bono is the most “Insightful” person you will ever know.

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