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Host Tonster2 says: Yo yo, Popsters! Tonight’s special PopMart chat guest is none other than Sebastian Clayton, PopMart producer and someone’s little brother. Sebastian is on the phone with us from Dublin. And we’ll start our chat right now…

Sandalman says: Seb: what do you think is the coolest thing
about the PopMart stage?

Sebastian says: I suppose the size of the screen would be the
coolest thing. Certainly when I first saw that was what made me
go Wow. And the olive, I must say, I have a fancy to.

mU2sicfan says: Seb: are you teaching Adam to be a tech

Sebastian says: I’m trying. At the moment he doesn’t have much
time. But Adam actually inspired me to get into computers in the
first place so he has the understanding of what they can achieve
but as for working them it’s not always the best thing he can do.

U2isABLE says: Thanks for chatting with us today, Sebastian.
Are you surprised by the fans’ excitement over these chats?

Sebastian says: For me, yes. In general, no. These chats are a
way for letting people talk to the band and people who work with
U2 in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do without these chats.
So I’m excited by that.

Guggi says: sebastian: what is your favorite u2 song?

Sebastian says: I think Walk To The Water means a lot to me.
More recently I really like Discotheque and Please. But there’s
many changes with the albums, it’s hard to nail one down.

Aingeal says: Sebastian: I’ve seen you at a lot of shows with a
camera attached to your face. Is this just a hobby or something
you’re actively pursuing?

Sebastian says: I suppose all will be revealed on the site in a few

ZaidaN says: Sebastian : You must have something better to do
on a Friday night?

Host Sebastian says: Well, where I am it’s about 2:10 and I’ve
been out and I’ve seen a gig — a new young Dublin band called
the Igloo. It’s a nice way to have your final cup of tea before going
to bed.

slackrfan says: sebastian….how often do you get propositioned
for access to the band?

Host Sebastian says: Not very often. I always play dumb and that
works, so not often.

Sandalman says: Seb: What other bands are you listening to right

Host Sebastian says: I just got the new David Holmes CD. I just
got Verve about two days ago which I really, really like. And the
Howie B album.

Spider says: Sebastian…is u2 working on anything new? if so, is
it going to be like the older albums or like popmart?

Sebastian says: I don’t know. I don’t discuss things like that with

MeLoveU2 says: sebastian, how did you like Sarajevo? Bono
was such a trooper…what was the fans reaction?

Host Sebastian says: Sarajevo was a very touching experience,
both physically and emotionally. Physically in the way the place
looked after being at war for so long. Emotionally because the
people were so warm and generous and inspiring in trying to get
over what had happened and move into the future. It was very
special. The gig itself was something I haven’t experienced again
or will again and I’ve seen a lot of U2 shows. It was good and I
wouldn’t have missed it and I only hope there can be more
concerts like that in the future.

Guggi says: sebastian: how is it working with your brother on

Host Sebastian says: Good! We can kind of go off and have a bit
of brotherly fun and close family jokes together and no one else
understands. We’ve always got on well so working together
seems like a natural progression.

RubyEurop says: Sebastian: what food groups do you think will
be represented on the next tour?

Host Sebastian says: The veggie burger and the Gobstopper.

U2isABLE says: Sebastian…how have you been able to keep
your own identity as you’re stuck in the shadow of a more famous

Host Sebastian says: Well, to be honest i’ve never really looked
at Adam as a famous person. He’s always been just a brother
and therefore I haven’t been worried about being in his shadow. I
have my own life and my own friends so it’s never really been a
problem. There’s 10 years difference between us. That works well
for us. I don’t live in his footsteps and he doesn’t have to make
excuses for my bad behaviour.

U2isABLE says: Sebastian…how much say do you really have in
this site? Have you had to veto an idea that the band has

Host Sebastian says: Yes! I overlook the site with the key people
from MSN and together we put together ideas that we’ve come
up with and the band would like to explore.

Polak says: Sebastian-What would you see as the main
difference between playing North America and playing Europe?

Host Sebastian says: Getting to the mix position . The
gigs in Europe are a more traditional gig in the sense of
Woodstock in that you can sit where you want or dance or sit. In
American gigs you have to sit down and stay in a fixed position. I
prefer the European gigs for that.

RubyEurop says: Sebastian: when did you get involved in the Net
and particularly in web sites? Is it a recent thing with the band?

Host Sebastian says: I myself got involved in the net probably 3
years ago. I’d been playing in a band which had split up so I was
a bit lost, I didn’t know what to do, and a friend of mine introduced
me to the web one night and since then I’ve been an addict. From
that it progressed to learning how to build websites and what was
enjoyable from a website. The band have always been interested
in the web but they were hesitant to get involved because they
realized it was a good medium and they didn’t feel they had
enough time to explore it to its fullest.

Aingeal says: Sebastian: rumor has it you have a dim view of IRC
and its denizens. What are your thoughts on real-time chat, and
the phenomenon of IRC in general?

Host Sebastian says: I think IRC or realtime chat is great ‘cuz if it
wasn’t around we wouldn’t be doing this right now! For
communication purposes I don’t think there’s anything any better.

Spider says: Sebastian how long have you been involved in the

Host Sebastian says: Is that a trick question? I’ve been involved
with the band since they formed. I’ve been working with them on
and off for 18 months.

Kirsten says: do you play any instruments?

Host Sebastian says: I do .

Gibigiane says: Sebastian: Did you and Adam ever fight over
who got to sit in the front seat of the car?

Host Sebastian says: Yes, usually his, because I’m trying to get in
to drive.

Guggi says: seb: which member really asks the most questions
about the site?

Host Sebastian says: They’re all very interested in the website
and they all ask questions. They all have different ways of
expressing that, none moreso than the others.

ZaidaN says: Sebastian:…..you are the author of ‘Live From
Dublin’…..what is your view of the Dublin club scene?…..and what
do you think about the new batch of Dublin bands?

Host Sebastian says: The Dublin Club Scene is pumping at the
moment. It’s exciting, it’s vibrant, and the DJs now evolving from
the Dublin scene are very much into trying out ideas. Mixing and
matching musical styles which is something I haven’t heard in
other clubs. The music scene here after the success of U2 and
the promotion that went on within the music industry for itself kind
of dulled the situation over here with live music because
everybody was in a band, everybody knew a band, everybody
managed a band, and it was too small a town for such a scene to
have much significance. Now there are some good young bands
emerging who aren’t affected by the prominence rock music had
in the 80s. One of them is Igloo — it’s good here at the moment,
it’s picking up again.

U2isABLE says: Sebastian…what has been your greatest
achievement with this site so far?

Host Sebastian says: Bringing the elements from where PopMart
and U2 are at the moment to the world and the Internet.

Ai says: If you are not a producer, what would you do?

Host Sebastian says: Sleeping.

Host Tonster2 says: Aingeal wants to know why Adam is called

Host Sebastian says: I don’t know. I didn’t know he was
called Sparky! It’s news to me. I have my own names for him.

ZaidaN says: Sebastian:……Edge said that it would be difficult to
develop a site that would live up to what many fans had done
already with their sites….was it?

Host Sebastian says: Yes. I don’t think U2 PopMart, the official
site, u2popmart.msn.com, has come up to the standards of some
of the sites because some of the sites have been up for a long
time. But our site catches the moment of the tour, the feeling of
the tour, which no other site has done. So for that reason we have
come up to the standards because we have added a new
element for the PopMart tour.

slackrfan says: sebastian> do you think think the internet and
computers will become more or less important to producing and
marketing albums?

Host Sebastian says: I think more because the very nature of the
music business is promotion and the Internet, slow as it now
compared to TV or live concerts, is always going to be a strong
promotional tour for record companies and bands. As technology
catches up I think it’s going to become the strongest way of
selling music, both visually and aurally.

Polak says: Sebastian-Do you think Adam has changed much
over the years?

Host Sebastian says: No, he’s grown older and wiser but he
hasn’t changed.

deseree says: what is your computer background?

Host Sebastian says: None! The first computer I ever got I
received in about 4 boxes. I’d never seen a computer before and
started to connect the monitor to the mess and it was a battle
from there. My history with computers isn’t the best — I always ask
them to do things they don’t find the easiest to do. But I think
they’re starting to like me more.

Guggi says: whats your favorite edge-karaeoke song?

Host Sebastian says: Born To Be Wild.

^BadCop^ says: Sebastian : Do you think that Bootleggers at
U2 gigs are doing any harm?

Host Sebastian says: No, except for the ones who are trying to
flog off dodgy tapes and CDs at exorbitant prices.

RubyEurop says: Sebastian: do you think we’ll see
Internet-related merchandise from the band in the future, say
screensavers and mouse pads, alongside the t-shirts and
blow-up lemons?

Host Sebastian says: Stay tuned to the site for further details.

Aingeal says: Sebastian: Any word on how David Guyer’s doing
after his accident in belfast? Will he be returning to the tour?

Host Sebastian says: Yeah, David’s made a really good
recovery. He’s undergone an operation and is doing well. He’ll be
back in Toronto for the start of the 2nd leg of the US.

slackrfan says: sebastian…if you ran the tour, where would you
most like to go with it?

Host Sebastian says: I think for a virtual gig on the website.

Airyn says: Seb: what is one of your favourite childhood
memories of you and Adam?

Host Sebastian says: I have a very fond memory of Adam nicking
a stick of chicken from the kitchen and my mother thought I had
taken it. When she realized it was Adam who’d taken it, she
kicked him out of the house and told him he couldn’t come back
in until he’d replaced the chicken leg. He then went round to the
shop and bought a chicken and gave it to me. That kind of sums
up Adam.

ZaidaN says: Sebastian:……..have you any plans to DJ?, like
maybe a gig in The POD or The Kitchen?

Host Sebastian says: As much as I frequent those places I don’t
think I’ll be spinning any discs.

Leia says: sebastian: what do you think of older bands like the
Rolling Stones who still tour but continue to play older songs.

Host Sebastian says: I think the Rolling Stones is a bad example
because they’re very unique. They’re the only band in the world
who have lasted so long, and yet their earlier songs still mean so
much to so many people. For that reason I think what the Stones
ar edoing is great nad I wouldn’t expect anything else from them.
As for other old bands, I think bands from the 80s who are still
playing the old 80s songs kind of still move on. We’re in a new
era now and everything gets old and you’ve gotta keep moving
with the times. We’d still be watching Charlies Angels on a black
and white TV if we didn’t.

u2deviant says: Sebastian, do you like working with Microsoft?

Host Sebastian says: Yes, I do! Microsoft are not what they seem
in that they’re the warmest and friendliest bunch of people I’ve
worked with. I enjoy them immensely. They have a good vibe.

U2isABLE says: Sebastian…where’s your favourite place to

Host Sebastian says: Anywhere that’s over 30 degrees.

Vixen says: Seb. do you get tired of U2 fans at times?

Host Sebastian says: At times, yes, but mostly no.

Host Tonster2 says: What is it that happens to you that makes
you feel, “Gosh, I wish I didn’t have to go through this…” when
you’re interacting with U2’s fans?

Host Sebastian says: I think when you’re caught out — when I’m
caught out because I’m either thinking about something or with
somebody and out of the blue a U2 fan or a U2 Syndrome
happens. But you’ve gotta take the ups and the downs but
sometimes it’s too much and you want to run away. But that can’t
happen so I just don’t let it get to me.

Polak says: Sebastian-What was your favourite opening band for
the tour so far?

Host Sebastian says: I think Fun Lovin’ Criminals.

Ai says: What do you do at U2 concerts?

Host Sebastian says: Busy trying to work out all the digits so I can
connect to the web! It’s a mixture. It involves talking to crew
members and management people about websit eprojects and
website ideas and also collecting information and photos for the
website as well as organization of the website. And if I have time I
try to get out and enjoy the show.

u2deviant says: Sebastian: What is your favorite part of touring
with the band? Travel? Food? Etc.

Host Sebastian says: The situations. I suppose the traveling, but
also the being in a certain place at a certain time where
something magical happens, which happens a lot on a U2 tour.
Whether it be outside a hotel when you see a fan getting their
autograph signed, whether it be in a restaurant having a good
meal, it varies. But all the time good.

slackrfan says: sebastian…did you ask the band for this gig, or
did they approach you?

Host Sebastian says: They asked me.

Vixen says: Ask him what the future looks like for the chat site/


Host Sebastian says: You’ll have to ask Tonster.

Host Tonster2 says: Good question! I’ll get back to you….

Host Sebastian says: A quick sidestep to the chat . . .Thanks to
Aingeal for the photo of myself and Howie.

[In Dublin I gave Seb a pic I took in Philadelphia of him and the
B-man. ~A.]

u2deviant says: Sebastian: Do you ever go online and ‘surf’?

Host Sebastian says: I do. A lot. You have to ask my girlfriend
and friends about my surfing on the net. It angers them but I still
get a big kick out of it.

brii says: seb – If YOU could have anything in the world, what
would it be? (be careful what you ask for..)

Host Sebastian says: An endless supply of marshmallows.
RubyEurop says: boxers or briefs? 🙂

Host Sebastian says: Boxer briefs.

Ai says: Do you get asked for autographs?

Host Sebastian says: I do from time to time. I sometimes find it a
bit strange that somebody would want an autograph of a brother
of a famous person. I would prefer to have the autograph of
Michael Stipe than Robin Stipe, but some people want my

u2deviant says: Sebastian: ANy word as to who will open the
Seattle show in December?

Host Sebastian says: We’re still waiting to hear who the supports
are but as soon as we have the answers we’ll put them up on the
Tour Map on the official PopMart site.

brii says: Seb – What are YOU gonna be for halloween ?

Host Sebastian says: Good question . I’m not too sure
right now. I think I’m going to be in Detroit.

Vixen says: Sebastian, is Gavin making any progress with his

Host Sebastian says: Gavin is very busy putting a soundtrack to a
movie by Jim Sheridan called “The Boxer”. Due to this Gavin
hasn’t had that much time to pursue the web but I know he wants
to when he has more time.

Shade says: Sebastian, one of the things I really admire about U2
is the many transitions and changes (in style, etc..) that they
underwent over the years as a band…Which style would you say
you enjoy(ed) the most? ie. the “Rock” style they played in the
80’s, or the techno, more upbeat “electronca-style” music of the

Host Sebastian says: I find it hard to differentiate between the two
styles because for me U2’s music has always been emotion
driven and that’s why I’ve always found their music very special. I
prefer the techno dance beats to the rock beats but that’s a
personal choice because I’ve always preferred that type of music.

Reno says: Sebastian. as an younger brother.. did you have to
wear his worn out clothes? like afgan cotes? 🙂

Host Sebastian says: Unfortunately I missed out on the afghan
coats but he’s had quite a few other chuck outs in his life which
have been a lot more rewarding for me.

Zye says: Any favorite movies?

Host Sebastian says: I think “Return of the Jedi” and “Chitty Chitty
Bang Bang”.

U2isABLE says: Sebastian…what is it about music that inspires
you to do what you do?

Host Sebastian says: For me music has always been a very
important part of my life. I used to play music in a band and I still
play music with friends. I listen to it all the time. But the important
thing to me with music and the internet is that to me music is a
way of expression and a way of keeping one’s own personality
which I think in the last few years music has let me down on but
the Internet has revived me.

Gibigiane says: Sebastian: Do you think Bono will make it into
the Playboy Mansion?

Host Sebastian says: He wishes . Probably, knowing
Bono. If he doesn’t get in the front entrance he’ll get in a back
door somewhere.

brii says: seb – how about favorite books? (this is a tradition to
me, i work in a bookstore)

Host Sebastian says: I just finished a good book which is
“Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman.

Vixen says: Sebastian, if you could tell us one thing that we could
blackmail Adam with, what would it be?

Host Sebastian says: His brother.

brii says: seb – what makes ireland so differnet then the rest of
the world? WOuld you have changed where you grew up ?

Host Sebastian says: No. Ireland’s a very special place to grow
up in and I wouldn’t change that and I wouldn’t change my

brii says: Seb – What does your mom think of her sons not being
married? 😛

Host Sebastian says: She would like for us both to be married
and brain surgeons but we keep failing her. As long as she
knows we’re happy, she’s happy. And she gets to see us more.

RubyEurop says: Sebastian: What with the Fox Network and
Oasis label going after web sites with copyrighted material, do
you think it will ever be a problem for U2 fans and their web sites,
and the band or label? What are you feelings on the whole issue?

Host Sebastian says: Fan sites are very important, I feel. I think
they’ll always be around and what Oasis did what record
companies will tryto do is wrong. You can’t stop sitse appearing
on the web. I think fan sites in a way inspire bands to respond
and be a part of the web and encourage record companies to be
part of the web.

Ai says: Seb-Rather bungee jump or just watch?

Host Sebastian says: Just watch.

u2deviant says: Sebastian, is bono really as cool as he seems?

Host Sebastian says: Yeah, he is in a sort of a Bonoesque way.

u2deviant says: Sebastian are you looking forward to the Toronto

Host Sebastian says: I am. After Winnipeg and Edmonton any
Canadian show I look forward to whether it’s a U2 show or any
other band.

gregg says: ask what beer he’d want you to buy him

Host Sebastian says: I’m afraid I have to admit I’m not really a
beer drinker. I quite like Heineken but I usually drink spirits and
mixers, not beer.

Ai says: Are you close to all the U2 members? Are like their
brother too?

Host Sebastian says: Yeah, in a way, I am I suppose. I can still
remember when I was about 8, all those guys used to hang
around the house all the time. I was a schoolkid and they were
sort of big playmates to me. They used to hang around and bash
on guitars and I would run around and jump on them and ask them
to play hide and seek with me. Because of that they still sort of
see me as a younger guy who was always around so it’s very
easy for me to be around them and understand where they’re
coming from.

Host Tonster2 says: You were in high school around the time of
The Joshua Tree’s release. Was it cool or difficult being a teen
with a brother in the biggest band in the world?

Host Sebastian says: It wasn’t a hassle, not many people know. I
don’t advertise the fact that I’m related to Adam even though we
hang around together a lot and we’re very close. So it wasn’t too
much of a hassle. I left high school in the summer of 1988 and I
don’t think Joshua Tree came out till after that. So I avoided most
of those problems.

ZaidaN says: Sebastian…where did you go to school here in
Dublin? and did you go to colege here?

Host Sebastian says: I went to Rathgar and no I didn’t go to

Ai says: What is Popmart to you?

Host Sebastian says: PopMart, to me, is the best a live show can
be, whether you’re at the front, in the middle, or at the back. I feel
that’s what makes it special and such a good gig to see.

Gibigiane says: Sebastian: How much per day did Adam
practice his bass when he was learning the instrument?

Host Sebastian says: When he wasn’t booking gigs or trying to
organize to borrow the car he would be playing every other spare
moment he had.

brii says: Seb – Do you dance?

Host Sebastian says: I wobble.

u2deviant says: Sebastian, do you and Howie B just ever hang

Host Sebastian says: We do. Howie is a magic guy and we get
on well. Because of the work I do with club music I’ve known
Howie for a long time. He was like a partner in crime when we
had any time off during the tour.

brii says: Seb – What famous people have you gotten to meet that
you enjoyed meeting the most ?

Host Sebastian says: I really enjoyed meeting Keith Richards. I
really enjoyed meeting Kylie Minogue. And I really enjoyed
meeting Neil Young because he was a hero of mine.

Damian says: Sebastian-What do you see yourself doing a year
from today?

Host Sebastian says: I don’t know, check back with me in about
11 months and 28 days and I might have an idea. I’m not very
good at making plans.

Airyn says: Seb: what do you want to be known for in life?

Host Sebastian says: I want to be known for myself rather than a

LemonAli says: Seb, will you ever open for U2?

Host Sebastian says: Maybe but doubtful.

Vixen says: Sebastian, will you sing a song for Tony?

Host Sebastian says: No, not at this hour!

Zye says: Is it hard to be creative all the time?

Host Sebastian says: Yes it is becausde in the position I’m in now
you need to be coming up with ideas all the time. If you pressurize
yourself creatively it doesn’t always work and right now when you’r
eon a tour and moving so quickly you mnight get an idea and not
have time to put that idea down and therefore you miss it. So it’s
not only hard being creative it’s also hard utilizing that

ZaidaN says: Sebastian:…..do you have any major plans for your
‘Live In Dublin’ site?

Host Sebastian says: Yes I do. It’s all underway at the moment
and we should be broadcasting more gigs and maybe start
selling records.

Reno says: Sebastian.. will ya stop??? i wanna go to bed 🙂

Host Sebastian says: I’m sorry for keeping you up. I promise not
to do it again. I hope you all have sweet dreams and have a good

Host Tonster2 says: That wraps up our chat session with
Sebastian Clayton – thanks to all of you for coming by and we’ll
see you soon!.

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