PopMart Archives: Website Credits


Producer: Tony Cuozzo
Associate Producer: Carla Blazek
Associate Producer: Sebastian Clayton
Line Producer: Kirsten Ballweg
Line Producer: Fred Northup
Technicians: Steve Lodefink, Darren Allen
Digital Photographer: Ted Grudowski
Creative Director: Matthew Clark
Program Manager: Alex Reith
Visual Communicator: Greg Burns
Visual Communicator: Ursula Acosta
Field Producer (Dublin): Peter Fitzpatrick
Production Assistants: Paul Brennan
Transportation (Dublin): Paul Redmond
Test Lead: Kevin Funk

Executive Producer: Bob Bejan

Sitewerks Team
Producer: Lou Torregrossa
Senior Programmer: Dan Shen
Senior Programmer: Brent Fleckner
Lead HTML/Programmer: Ryan Lane
Programmer: Erik “The Kid” Wright
Programmer: Steven E. P. Knapp
Programmer: John Batdorf
Programmer: Mark Wieman
Designers/Animators: Lance Thornton, Sabrina Pierson

Werkhaus Design Team
Designers: Lori Railing, Lisa Schafer, Christina Stein
Lead Designer: Rick Miller
Support Art Direction: John Burgess

Microsoft Interactive Media Productions
Art Director: Eddie Mays
Production Supervisor: Carrie Clark-Sandler
Audio Lead: Jerry Schroeder
2-D Design & Animation Lead: Peter Schwab
2-D Design & Animation Coordinator: Hayley Nichols
2-D Production Artists: Kevin Goldman, Al Dumo, Peter
Ogden, Christina Scott, Rachelle Erickson, David North, Jeni
Sadler, Wilo Palanca
DIS Lab Supervisors: Craig Peterson, Adrian Weaver
Scanners: Scott Book, Kevin Joyce
Image Processor: Laurent Gherardi

Band press photographs by Anton Corbijn
and Stephane Sedanoui
Live photographs by Ebet Roberts and Kevin Mazeur
“Evolution Shoppers” created for PopMart by Straw Donkey.
Concept design and Original Pop logos at ABA Dublin by
Shaughn McGrath and Steve Averill
Band Diorama by Sharon Wolf

All music by U2
Lyrics by Bono and The Edge
All titles written by U2 and published by PolyGram
International Music Publishing B.V. except Blue Mountain
Music (U.K), Mother Music (IRL), Taiyo Music Inc. (Japan)

Music by U2
Lyrics by Bono and The Edge
Produced by Flood
Assisted by Rob Kirwan and Femio Hernandez
Mixed by Mark “Spike” Stent
Assisted by Conal Markey
Decks and Loops by Howie B
Contains sample from “Fane” performed by Freeform and
written by Simon Pike, courtesy of Skam Records

U2 is:
The Edge
Adam Clayton
Larry Mullen

For U2
Management: Principle Management

Paul McGuinness – Manager

Principle Management Ltd. (Dublin)
Sheila Roche, Barbara Galavan, Trevor Bowen, Candida
Bottaci, Cecilia Coffey, Sharon Callaly, Liz Devlin, Cillian
Guidera, Susan Hunter, Sandra Long, Sally-Anne Mckeown,
Aislinn Meehan, Brigid Mooney, Suzanne O’Dea, Eileen
Osborne, Aoife O’Beirne, Anne O’Leary, Claire-Anne
Cavanagh, Gerry Watters, George Augusta

Principle Management Inc. (New York)
Keryn Kaplan, Kathy Araskog, Donna Estes

Willie Williams – Show Designer/Director
Mark Fisher – Architect

Gavin Friday – Consultant Popmartician

Rmp Publicity, London
Regine Moylett, Amanda Freeman, Sandra Mckay, Louise
The Wasserman Group Inc., Los Angeles
Paul Wasserman, Brian O’Neal
Shore Fire Media, New York
Marilyn Laverty, Mark Satlof, Karen Wiessen
Intermedia Ltd, Radio & TV PR (UK)
Nigel Sweeney

Tour Services

AAA Communications
Ron Martinelli
Advanced Remote Technologies Inc.
Video Computer Software
Michael Short
Brian Higgins
Arts And Entertainment Travel
Travel (Band) Worldwide
Theresa Pesco Alexander
Lindsey Sheehan
Atelier 1
Neil Thomas
Atkinson Sanders Trucking
Trucking (Europe)
Shoe Sanders
Barry Slattery Ltd . (Dublin)
Insurance Brokers
Barry Slattery
David Jermyn
Brilliant Stages
Charlie Kail
Clair Brothers Audio
Roy Clair
Greg Hall
Clintons Solicitors
David Landsman
Jamie Jones
David Berdon And Co.
Accountants (USA)
Bruce Slayton, Radha Fronimakis
De-Lux Merchandise Co.
Jeremy Joseph
Tanya Davis
Dreamchaser Productions
TV Production
Ned O’ Hanlon, Maurice Linnane, Tara Mullen

More U2…
ETS-Event Trans System
Official Travel Packager
Feingold & Napoli Llp
Attorneys At Law – Us
Fred Feingold, Mark Berg
Flying Saucers Catering
Val Bowes
Light And Sound UK
Lights UK
Terry Lee
Littlehampton Welding Ltd.
Bill Tustin
O.J. Kilkenny & Co.
Osmond J. Kilkenny 111
Brian Murphy
Joan Morrissey
Colette Rooney
Frances Brennan
Dolores Ferris
Pieter Smit
Stage Trucking (Europe)
Pieter Smit
Phoenix Bussing Services
Tour Buses (Europe)
Mike Bucket
Polygram Merchandising
Tom Bennett
Preferred Travel
Hotels (Crew Usa)
Nancy Rosenblatt
PSL Inc.
Video Production
Malcom Mellows
Stage Trucking (USA)
Joe Deanda
Rima Travel
Hotels (Crew Europe)
Dave Brock
Robertson Taylor
U2 & Tna Insurance Brokers
Bob Taylor
Rock-It Cargo
Alan Escombe
Saco Controls Inc
Led Electronics Supplier
Fred Jalbout
Scitex Digital Video
Abekas Dveous Effects
Pete Challenger
Pa Grid Manufacture
Dave Mason
John Campion
SP Offshore Composites
Tom Royle
Hedwig De Meyer
Tait Towers
Set Fabrication
Michael Tait & Winky
Tomcat Usa Inc.
Set Fabrication
John James
Triple E
Nigel Wydmus
Ultimate Coaches
Tour Buses (USA)
Jerry Burnside
Spike Falana
Dianne Falana
Production Trucking (USA)
William Osborne Ltd
Set Manufacturer
Don Brown

PopMart Personnel

Suznne Doyle: Management Associate
Susie Smith: Asst. To Paul McGuinness
Bess Dulany: Band Assistant
Dennis Sheehan: Tour Manager
Bob Koch: Tour Business Affairs
Giles Baxendale: Asst Tour Manager
Bret Alexander: Band Advance & Travel
Rob Wachs: Physiotherapist
Brian O’Neal: Tour Publicist
Justin Murphy: TV Director
Joe Edwards: TV Cameraman
Ross O’Callaghan: TV Recordist
Jake Kennedy: Tour Director
Holly Peters: Tour Director Assistant
Willie Williams: Show Designer/Director
Paulette Garneau: Tour Accountant
Steve Iredale: Production Director
Tim Buckley: U2 Show Co-Ordinator
Nick Levitt: Production Manager
David Herbert: Production Assistant
Richard Hartman: Pre Prod. Project Manager
Joe O’Herlihy: Audio Engineer
Flood: Music Producer
Monica Caston: Video Director
Bruce Ramus: Lighting Director
Tim Lamb: Stage Manager
Rocco Reedy: Stage Manager A
Gerry Gilleland: Stage Manager B
John C. Conk: Site Co-Ordinator System A
Tom Armstrong: Site Co-Ordinator System B
Albert Lawrence: Site Co-Ordinator System C
John “Bugzee” Hougdahl: Site Co-Ordinator
Jerry Mele: Head Of Security
Erik Hausch: Security
Jerry Meltzer: Security
David Guyer: Security
Scott Nichols: Security
Sharon Blankson: Style Consultant/Head Of Wardrobe
Fintan Fitzgerald: Wardrobe Associate
Karen Nicholson: Wardrobe Assistant
Helene Dean: Hair And Make Up
Jason Keough: Tickets
Sam O’Sullivan: Crew Chief – Drum Tech
Des Broadbery: Keyboard Tech.
Fraser Mcalister: Guitar Tech. (Bono)
Dallas Schoo: Guitar Tech. (Edge)
Stuart Morgan: Bass Guitar Tech. (Adam)
Rab Mcallister: Tour Tech.
“P.T.G” Kalopsidiotis: Head Rigger
Michael Kerr: Rigger Advance A
Tj Thomson: Rigger Advance A
Jez Craddick: Rigger Advance A
Mark Armstrong: Rigger Advance B
Warren Jones: Rigger Advance B
Mick O’Byrne: Rigger Advance B
Adam “Aj” Rankin: Head Carpenter
Rick Worsfold: Carpenter
Jan Rune Paulsen: Carpenter
Tony Ravenhill: Carpenter
Mark “Smokie” Kohorn: Carpenter System A
Glen Binley: Carpenter System A
Richard Wythes: Carpenter System B

More U2…
Andy Pearson: Carpenter System B
Appy Thorigh: Barricade
Jo Ravitch: Crew Chief Clair Bros. Audio
Dave Skaff: Clair Bros. Audio Monitor Engineer
Don Garber: Clair Bros. Audio Monitor Engineer
Brent Carpenter: Clair Bros. Audio
Ed Conrad: Clair Bros. Audio
Matt Herr: Clair Bros. Audio
David Brantley: Clair Bros. Audio
Tom Ford: Clair Bros. Audio
Gary Chamberlain: Lsd Lighting/Crew Chief
Firmin Moriarty: Lsd Lighting
Rihard Kruezcamp: Lsd Lighting

Mark Hitchcock: Lsd Lighting
Jorge Del Angel: Lsd Lighting
Russell “Bits” Lyons: Lsd Lighting
Andrew Mills: Lsd Lighting
Mike Sherno: Lsd Lighting
Tom Thompson: Lsd Lighting
Chad Smith: Lsd Lighting
Lynne Ramus: Lsd Lighting
Tony Zurakowski: Lsd Lighting
Bruce Ramos: Video/Psl Crew Chief
Michael Smith: Video/Psl
Dave Neugebauer: Video/Psl Chief Engineer
Stefaan Desmedt: Video/Psl Engineer
Mike Tribble: Video/Psl
David Rhea: Video/Psl
Dave Driscoll: Video/Psl
Steve Bennett: Video/Psl
Mark O’Herlihy: Screen/Psl
Chris Van Neste: Screen/Lorrymage
Kurt Verhelle: Screen/Lorrymage
Steve Laxton: Video Programmer
Michael Short: Video Programmer
Val Bowes: Catering
Andrew “Wilf” Donaldson: Catering Crew Chief
Sandy Jameson: Catering
Fiona Mackenzie: Catering
Stephen Kemberry: Catering
Tanya Weltert: Catering
Tina “Felix” Makin: Catering
Pascal Bossu: Catering
Vicky Collins: Catering
Nedra Baldori: Catering
Olivier Bouchaud: Catering
Douglas Kirkland: Catering
Mona Saunders: Catering
Lizzie Adshead: Catering Advance System A
Lyane Duckett: Catering Advance System B
John Panaro: Head Merchandiser
Chris Thomas: Polygram Merchandiser
Craig Mcculloch: Polygram Merchandiser
Peter Merluzzi: Polygram Merchandiser
John “Lug” Zajonc Showpower: Crew Chief
Frederick Mello: Showpower
Andries Odendaal: Showpower Advance Sys A
Jorrie Estrada: Showpower Advance Sys A
Erich Nemier: Showpower Advance Sys B
Scott Christensen: Showpower Advance Sys B
Sue “Duchess” Iredale: Upfront Steel Systems Co-Ordinator
Patrick Martens: Stage Co Crew Chief A
Marc Van Gorp: Stageco
Lieven Vandewalle: Stageco
Jeff Vermerbergen: Stageco
Ray Chasteen: Stageco
John “Ugli” Bradshaw: Stageco
Keith Hughes: Upfront
Ian Harris: Upfront
Lennie Watson: Upfront
Scott Mitchel: Upfront
Luc Dardenne: Stageco Crew Chief B
Jeroen Padberg: Stageco
Bart Vandenbergh: Stageco
Benny Streckx: Stageco
Robert “Snake” Castelli: Stageco
Jay Schmidt: Stageco
Jem Dumble: Upfront
Greg Howell: Upfront
Robbie Shugart: Upfront
Mike “Spyder” Guidry: Upfront
Patrick Daly: Stageco Crew Chief C
Ray Bogle: Stageco
Terence Dickens: Stageco
Andrew Labriola: Stageco
Jason Beaver: Stageco
Jim Ramacus: Stageco
Jim Stoner: Upfront
Dave Morrell: Upfront
Denny Sugimoto: Upfront
Ged Chopping: Upfront
Duke Overstreet: Bus Driver
Jr Ratcliffe: Bus Driver
Don De Armond: Bus Driver
Bobby Bates: Bus Driver
Darrell Davis: Bus Driver
John “Yo” Mallen: Bus Driver
Mike Bayless: Bus Driver
Roger Winstead: Bus Driver

Spectrum Catering ,Toronto (Local Crew Catering)
Peter Mcgoran: Crew Chief
Donald Pons Vermeer: Head Chef
Paul Mountjoy: Head Chef
Maher Hdieb: Head Chef
Chris Ricalis: Asst. Chef
Steve Ricalis: Asst. Chef
Meredith Chislett: Asst. Chef
Greg Howe Asst. Chef
Rodney Edward: Asst. Chef
Mike Flaherty: Asst. Chef


Designed By:
Shaughn Mcgrath, Steve Averill,
Works Associates (Dublin)
Photography By:


BOX 350
NANUET, NY 10954

PO BOX 5406