Bono has taken a Megabyte!


Bono is going for the ultimate connection….7 billion people. The world hasn’t seen a connection of this magnitude since Caligula’s last Roman orgy. Bono & Facebook guru, Mark Zuckerberg are hatching some plot & scheming some scheme to get the entire world to simultaneously zone out and waste more time, by getting the entire planet connected by 2020. An ambitious initiative, considering that 60 % of the world that’s not on the Internet are not on for a variety of reasons, one being a little thing called….electricity. U2 may have the Electric Co in their back pocket ready to play at a whim, but Haji in his mud hut, does not. Besides, you think Haji cares about seeing cat pictures posted on FB or how the rest of the world is now in the 21st century, when he’s still rubbing sticks together in a quest for fire? You think old U2 videos on YouTube will be watched, no! Haji will do what everyone else does when connected, he’ll troll for porn and try to remember his wifi password. Bono needs someone to instant message him that, Where the streets have no name, probably has no electricity, either. “If there is a light, don’t let it go out” is meaningless to someone if they’ve never seen an electrical outlet before. If Bono & Zuckerberg want to create an Electrical Storm where there are none, all the power to them (See what I did there), let’s just make sure basic needs are met first and that’s going to need a much bigger connection, one that begins with the heart.

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