Dear Guy Oseary

Well played, Guy. Bravo! If your goal was for soul, gut wrenching speculation & innuendo, then you got us hook, line & sinker. One month out and as fans, we have exactly the same amount of information about this tour as we did five years ago, which is absolutely nothing. ISIS gives out more info than you do. We’ve had more Beatles updates….and they’ve been broken up for like one hundred years. No updates on Bono’s health, opening act(s), Dublin dates or whether or not Larry’s maid is still in the slammer….nothing. Remember last tour, when we saw a six second clip of what appeared to be Edge’s shadow rehearsing or a three second clip of a roadie wheeling a U2 trunk onto a semi? Ah, the good ole days.

I tell you, this lack of information is a recipe for disaster. Millions of middle aged U2 fans short on info is a powder keg of emotion that surely will lead to destruction, terror & mayhem. Hell hath no fury like thousands of middle aged women short on their Bono fix. Vancouver could disappear off the map if we don’t receive any news. Canada needs U2 & they need them Bad! I mean, outside the Iditarod & 20 or so Sasquatch sightings, what else happens there? Imagine if Vancouver burnt to the ground? That would leave Canada with just…..EM……does Canada have any other cities? You know what I mean, total disaster.

Guy, do you understand that millions of 40 & 50 year olds have been locked in their 9 to 5’s waiting for this moment for years now. Locked in their cubes, going home to their same old, same old day after day, wondering how much longer they can choke down another week waiting for this tour to begin and now, there’s light at the end of this tunnel and you can’t even throw us a bone? A teaser? Anything?

For my sake and the sake of millions of others worldwide, make this last month bearable. Update us on Bono’s health, give us a glimpse into the rehearsals, let us see the stage design. Canada can’t afford to lose Vancouver, but more importantly, we need updates.


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