No Dublin Dates Yet? Here’s Why


Do you hold on to those precious pre-sale codes waiting for Dublin dates to be announced or do you use them before all shows announced are sold out? That is the $64,000 question.

You want me to speculate why U2 hasn’t announced any dates for Dublin, the mecca of all thing U2? Ok, I will. It’s simple, U2 hates Dublin.

Dublin is nothing but a constant reminder to U2 that life growing up in Dublin for them, sucked. That’s the constant theme throughout SOI, isn’t it? Iris dying, growing up on Cedarwood Road, which was a war zone in Bono’s teens, ducking flying metal in Raised by Wolves or altering boys lives in Sleep Like A Baby Tonight, is it any wonder that U2 technically still lives there.

And what about the weather. Raining 380 days a year with no sun. The one day that Ireland was predicted to have sun was last week….and they had a solar eclipse.

And then there’s the food. Is there anything this country doesn’t boil? Did you know that one of the first things Bono said after arriving in Ethiopia to volunteer in the soup kitchen for a month back in the 80’s after Live Aid was, “This gruel is better than anything I’ve eaten in my entire life.” Remember the part of the story when the Ethiopian handed his little baby to Bono begging him to take him back to Ireland and Bono told him that he couldn’t. Believe me, Bono did that kid a favor. Between Red Cross care kits and donations from around the world, that kid ate 1,000 times better than if he went back to Ireland.

Or maybe it’s the water situation in Ireland, where every drop will be taxed under a new plan. Does anyone else see the irony of Ireland residents paying for water in a country where it rains everyday? Here’s a thought, collect the rainfall yourselves, boil it up (that’s what you’re going to do anyway) and never use tap water again. Problem solved.

Who knows the real reason why U2 hasn’t announced any Dublin dates thus far? But you know it will be spectacular, wherever and whenever it is announced. Hang in there Ireland, because after U2 retires, it’s back to 3rd world nation status. 😉


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