U2 The Most Listened To Artist On iOS

According to a study of 2,510 iOS users conducted by independent research firm Kantar, U2 is the most popular band among iTunes users. The results of a survey Kantar conducted in January 2015 indicate that about 23 percent of Apple users listened to at least one song from Songs of Innocence during that month. That figure is twice the percentage received by the next most popular artist, Taylor Swift.

In addition, USA Today reports that U2 is in the top slot of the Top 10 bands for iOS users for January. In a news release provided by the band, Bono said, “If these figures suggest that these songs still matter to people, then we’re knocked out. That’s all any songwriter wants.”
The Edge said, “In the end we just wanted people to hear the album. We took a big risk, but today we can say that the experiment worked.”

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