U2 and the Superbowl!


Remember the last time U2 performed in the Superbowl? Of course you do, it was recently ranked the greatest Superbowl performance of all time by USA Today. The performance was so brilliant that most people outside of New England forgot that my New England Patriots won that Super Bowl, the first of 3 wins in the title game.

Today, my New England Patriots will be playing in their 6th Superbowl game in the last 15 years. No other team has dominated the sports world in the last 15 years like the New England Patriots.

So, in honor of the greatest combination mankind has ever seen, U2 and the New England Patriots, let’s revisit the performance that began it all.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and GO PATS!


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An avid U2 fan, who doesn't take our group too seriously. Sixth grade teacher, married and have an 8 year old boy who is also a huge fan...he didn't have a choice.

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