Who the Heck is this, Roger Johnson?

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1st Bono pretended to play Jesus to the lepers in our head, then Judas…..now….ROGER JOHNSON! This cat & mouse game that Bono plays with his fan base is both sinister and diabolical all rolled up into one random Twitter account and I LOVE IT. I can’t get enough, I won’t get enough. Is it true that Bono is on Twitter and using the alias Roger Johnson….who knows and who cares? Real or fake, I AM ALL IN!

Whoever is behind this account, job #1 is to start picking off Guy Oseary or as he’s known in the real world, Madonna’s rump swab. Guy has been so “Into the Groove” with Madonna on Twitter that I think he forgot that he is the manager OF THE BIGGEST ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD, U2! Hey GUY, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Madonna and U2 roughly the same age, came up roughly the same time and both released albums roughly within a few months of each other? How many tweets have you thrown U2’s way, uno, dos, tres…catorce? Pick it up a notch, bro. Roger Johnson is now trolling you.

Job #2 of this mysterious alias is to start teasing fans with pretending to hide concert tickets in secret locales, watching fans go crazy looking for them as you sit back and watch the chaos behind 140 characters of pure mayhem. I can see one of your tweets now: “Ola, Brazil. Two tickets await you in Jorge’s house in Rio. One hour later, 420 Jorge’s are gagged and bound as their houses get ransacked looking for tickets that do not exist by crazed Brazilian hooligans.

Finally, throw U2radio.com a follow, so that you can stay updated with my “Weakly” drivel and random rants. Knowing you are a lyrical genius, my minutia will probably make you wish your humorous impaled you a few months back, but you may get a chuckle here or there.

Larry, if you’re at all thinking about joining Twitter, please choose a better alias than Roger Johnson….like Sharon Osbourne. 😉

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