U2 SetList Turned Upside Down

So what if I like to sometimes stir the U2 pot?  Spice things up by turning up the heat,  and watch things boil, spilling over the brim.  I did such a thing this past week on Twitter and F.B.  What I am about to tell you is nothing new or something that hasn’t been discussed amongst U2 fans, however we are now deep enough into U2’s career, that what I am about to propose has merit and could actually occur.

Can you envision a U2 setlist with no Streets, With or Without You, One, S.B.S or Pride?   Here, have a seat.  Take a sip of water and stop crying.  PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! Are we ready to proceed? Good, now here me out.

The way I see it, SOI has 3 definite songs that will make the set list and upwards of 10 songs total that have a legitimate chance of being played live on a nightly basis.

Definite:  The Miracle, EBW & Song for Someone

Probable: California, Volcano, Raised by Wolves, Cedarwood Road, Invisible, Crystal Ballroom & Iris.

We know U2 is not going to play 3 hour shows, so we can’t have every song played and like Bono’s bike handlebars, something’s got to give.  Now, if rumors are true that we may get some rarities mixed in on this tour and all 10 songs proposed off of SOI make it onto the list, something’s going to have to get cut.

More so than ever, U2’s catalogue is at its fullest, but only 25-26 songs can make the cut.  Why not cut Streets, One, WOWY, Pride & SBS?

Can we discuss this intelligently?  Please don’t hit me with the “These songs are untouchable and are staples at every show” bula bula.  Blah, blah, blah, I’ve heard this speech a million times. If you’re asking me right now, Acrobat or Streets, I’m choosing Acrobat.  Cedarwood Road or Pride-I’m choosing Cedarwood Road.  Raised by Wolves of SBS-Raised by Wolves.  I’m even willing to give up beloved Fly for something I’ve never heard before live.

Fans are so afraid to experience something new and let go of the past.  U2 not playing the “Staples” is not going to diminish from your experience, believe me.  It also does not diminish your love for those GREAT songs or their importance.

I would like to challenge U2 as a group and us as a fan base to see if we can thoroughly enjoy the adventure of going to a U2 show without these gems that are guaranteed to make fans ecstatic, but not really push us to places most of us have already been and a place so familiar to U2, that they know every nook and cranny.

Is uncertainty our guiding light?  If it is, let’s see U2 create the same atmosphere, vibe and euphoria of a live show, without falling back onto familiar ground.

Now, begin the Inquisition!  😉

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