How To Tell If You Are “Truly” A U2 Fan!

imageHave you ever met someone that said they were a U2 fan and then you threw a couple of softball questions at them to see if they are “Truly” a U2 fan? No, just me? Well, this actually did happen to me, but it didn’t involve U2, it involved another musical group I love, KISS! I rattled off three softball questions about Kiss to a colleague of mine and she whiffed on all three. POSER! Probably dressed up as Gene Simmons at Halloween and thinks that makes her a fan. I was a proud member of Kiss Army when I was a kid. Anyway, what about U2? How do you know if someone is “Truly” a U2 fan? The amount of shows they’ve attended? Collectibles taking up 90 % of their house? If they can listen to Pop and NLOTH back to back without throwing up in their mouth?

No need to fear, my little U2 fanatics. I am here to help. I put together this little flowchart for you to follow to see if you or your friends are the real deal or just another poser. Follow the flowchart and see where you end up. Good luck.


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An avid U2 fan, who doesn't take our group too seriously. Sixth grade teacher, married and have an 8 year old boy who is also a huge fan...he didn't have a choice.

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