Why Isn’t Everyone Like This?

Great question, Bono!  That’s the last line in the latest Rolling Stone U2 article published last week, “Why isn’t everyone like this?”

Sure I don’t have a bazillion dollars at my disposal ( I think I over drafted my checking account last week) or 12 assistants to do all your menial jobs like laundry, cook or pick up the kids. (I average about 5 loads of laundry a week, but I refuse to fold 🙂 )  Last time I checked, my private jet was not awaiting my arrival to bring me to anywhere in the world I wanted. (My beat up Honda Civic barely makes it to work every day).  Nor do I have caviar or Crystal in my refrigerator (I do however have a half used bottle of mustard that expired last year & two cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon.)

No, I don’t have anything that Bono or any of the other members have at their disposal, but does that mean I roll up into the fetal position and call it a life?  No!

We were all:

Born for bliss, born for this
Every human life begins with a kiss
Kissed by every kind of possibility

But too many of us don’t even know this or are too lazy to live life the way it is suppose to be.  Kids, work, boss, spouse, bills, blah, blah, blah.  It’s time to put things into perspective.  We are alive at the same time as the GREATEST BAND EVER and we need to take those lyrics and feelings that U2 sing about and implement them into our every day lives.  Because if those words from The Crystal Ballroom are true, then it’s time that we take that kiss of every kind of possibility and run with it.  Remember, stolen days you don’t give back.

So when Bono asks, “Why isn’t everyone like this?”  It’s not because of money, it’s because of our choices.

Choose wisely my friends.

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