The Five U2 Lyrics On My Horizon!

For almost a month now, I’ve been telling anybody & everybody who will listen & a few who won’t, how unbelievable SOI is. I’ve listed my reasons why, the number one being that I feel it is U2’s best work lyrically.  Period!  Today, I share with you the top 5 lyrics that have taken this soul, stranded in some skin and bones, taken this soul and made it sing, sing!  Inevitably, some lyrics will be left off my list.  Do not think for one millisecond that they too have not had a profound effect on me as well.  By the way, I hate lists.  I refuse to number these because they are all awesome.  The order that it appears is irrelevant.

Do you live here or is this a vacation?- I “Lava” this line! (See what I did there) Who hasn’t met someone, a family member, co-worker, U2 hater, anyone with a piss poor attitude… “Is this always the way you are, because if so, get lost!” We all get in bad moods, but the negative people, the conspiracy theorists, the ones that just suck the life out of life all the time….do yourself a favor & send them on a permanent vacation & get them out of your life before you blow like a volcano.

The worst things in the world are justified by belief- Crusades, Islamic Terrorists, Al Quada, Sunday Bloody Sunday, 9/11, etc.  What two things do all these have in common, mass killing & the belief that these killings were justified by belief. Wolves may be stronger than fear, but we’re not stronger than armed British Paratroopers or extremists flying planes into buildings.  Too many sheep in this world & not enough wolves, if you ask me.

Paint the world you need to see- I LOVE THIS LINE! Is there anything in this life that’s better than freedom & free will?  I say, NO!  Don’t like your job, house, neighborhood, school, politician, phone number, spouse, boss, hair color, weight, clothes, etc, then get off your fat ass & paint the world you need to see!  Every day can be a blank canvas.

I have a will for survival- Is this not arguably one of U2’s strongest lyric throughout their entire catalogue? Think of the power behind that statement….UNBELIEVABLE!  They just told you, you & you, the entire world & most importantly THEMSELVES that there is nothing you can do anymore to hurt me.  My will for survival will outlive your desire to hurt me.  Power personified.  Absolute brilliance.

And I’m a long way from where I was & where I need to be- Are you f*cking kidding me? I mean, seriously, was Bono looking into my heart & soul when he wrote this line. I know we are all works in progress, but when I tell you NOT ONE OF YOU WOULD HAVE SPOKEN TO ME IN THE MID TO LATE 90’S, I mean NONE OF YOU WOULD HAVE SPOKEN TO ME.  I was the ugliest, nastiest, most self absorbed, hurt empty soul walking around in my own little world.  I am light years from that person I was 15/20 years ago & still light years away from the person I need to become.  I need to be a better father, husband, friend & co-worker and I hope to continue to work on it every day.

So, there you have it, my top 5 lyrics off of SOI for the moment. Obviously, since I wrote this and it got posted, these 5 lyrics have probably changed. ;).

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