Bono’s Not In “Shape!”

“God knows it’s not easy, taking on the shape of someone else’s pain.”  You know why God knows it’s not easy? Because God failed Geometry! Have you ever seen a dodecagon?  If that’s the shape of someone else’s pain, kill me now!  It’s true that most relationships are not in ship-shape condition, and sure we could all shape up in certain areas, but if you’re trying to discover the right angle of approach to relationships, go ask Pythagoras.  My theorem is that Bono never met Pythagoras.  Relationships need more than “Try”angles because sometimes we’re all a pain in the Hypotenuse.  A2 + B2 may equal C2 in Geometry, but not in the U2 world!

That Mofo, Bono has been trying to fill that God shaped hole forever. You make him a knight and all of a sudden Sir Bono transforms into Sir Cumference?  I know complimentary angles are Bono’s forte and he likes to go on tangents, but this “Shape talk” is going too far.  Staring at geometric shapes is like staring at the sun to me, and coexist will beat collinear in my world every day of the week. Are Euclidean me, Bono?  Your eyes may make a circle, but if you think I’m discovering the radius or diameter of that circle, you’re crazy.  Also, I’ll leave the chord discovery up to The Edge.  When I heard the title, No Line on the Horizon, I fell into the fetal position and placed my thumb into my Pi hole.  I know U2 lifts many of us onto a different plane, but the 360 degrees tour almost put me into a coma.

If you’re catching all these geometry terms, then you must have filled the shape of someone else’s pain. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing, but you clearly are smarter than me.   I do know this, some fans think Bono is acute singer and for others, he’s too obtuse, but for millions, he’s just right!

So whether you are taking on the shape of someone else’s pain or trying to fill that God shaped hole, make it a positive experience and get your relationships in ship shape form. That means, get your a** off the rhombus! 😉

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