U2 shooting a music video in Nice, France

U2 Music Video in Nice, France?

According to a French web site NiceMatin.com, U2 are possibly filming some sort of music video at the Riviera studios at the La Victorine. Heavy security that is not the norm, and no cell phone sign posted very where indicates something high profile is happening at the Nice studio.

 Including the presence of dozens of trucks filled with music equipment and spotlights. But also this huge platform raised in the heart of Studio 1.

Rumors started earlier this week about a music video when a company called Concept K tweeted that they where working on a U2 video

The tweet has since been deleted from the Concept K Design twitter account. A lot of tweet deleting going on lately, remember the Colombia Universal Music tweet from a few weeks ago that was deleted.

We’ll keep an eye out for any news on this rumored, and unconfirmed video shoot.

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