U2 NEEDS Weird Al Yankovic …… Again!

U2-coffeeDoes anyone hold the right to be ridiculous more dear than…three time Grammy winner, Weird Al Yankovic? If you don’t think Weird Al is a comedic, musical genius, you need to reevaluate. Just last week, Mandatory Fun, Weird Al’s 14th CD, was released and immediately went to number one on the Billboard top 200 list. Understanding the power of Social Media, Weird Al also released eight videos in eight days, racking up millions of hits on YouTube.

At 54, the orbit of Weird Al’s hips is probably riddled with arthritis, but he’s still been able to maintain his core group of followers from his MTV days, and still has the ability to go into the heart of a child to capture a whole new generation of small men and women with big ideas. Do we know any group that’s looking to do the same thing?

By all accounts, the boys love to have fun, except Larry.  Weird Al transcends generations and musical genres. If U2 is truly interested in relevance and connecting with a younger audience, then their next move should be to allow Weird Al to parody one of their songs…again.

Every artist is a cannibal, and every poet is a thief, and nobody steals material to have fun with better than Weird Al. From Nirvana to Pharrell to Robin Thicke, the blurred lines of parody are cleared up immediately upon listening to any of Al’s magical ways with lyrics.

Thanks to Joshua,’s chief editor & a crackerjack researcher, he reminded me of this gem that Weird Al already parodied.

Also, Weird Al tried to parody U2’s Numb using Dr.Seuss’s, Green Eggs & Ham but was not permitted to from Seuss’s people.

Here are some potential U2 song titles that Weird Al could consider.

Mysterious Weighs


I Threw a Brick Through a Window and Killed Someone.

I Need a Beer, Can Someone Grab me a 40?

With or Bithout “U”

Big Girl’s Need Rest.

I Will Follow E, Except After C.

Last Knight on Earth


Staring at My Son

The Unforgettable Tire

Where the Sheets Have a Stain.

Yeah Way!

If you’re a hardcore purist U2 fan, you need to take two shots of happy and relax. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and nobody does it better than Weird Al! After all, music is suppose to be fun!

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An avid U2 fan, who doesn't take our group too seriously. Sixth grade teacher, married and have an 8 year old boy who is also a huge fan...he didn't have a choice.

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    Does anyone hold the right to be ridiculous more dear than…three time Grammy winner, Weird Al Yankovic? If you don’t think Weird Al is a comedic, mu
    [See the full post at: U2 NEEDS Weird Al Yankovic …… Again!]

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    Thumbs Up from me !!! I bet the guy from just “Eat It !” will need a “Loo Station” on his way home !!!

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    Chris, Weird Al’s latest is GOLD! Check out Grammar & Foils! 😉

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    Joe, with “Bad Hair Day” Weird Al created a hilarious parody of “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”. It´s so much fun to listen to the lines about toothache and I love the way he replaces the word “thrill” with “drill”. Your U2 song titles are brilliant and it´s amazing to see how you change their meaning with your great creativity.
    Maybe Weird Al could also consider following ideas:
    I´ll Get Lazy If I Don´t Get Lazy Tonight
    Ominous Crimes (Hold On To Gloves)
    Love And A Piece Of Cake Or Else
    Bride (In The Name Of Love)
    Cave Of Sorrow
    Wake Up Batman

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    Love that link. I wish the people in my office were familiar enough with U2 to appreciate it.

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    Pam, your titles are a thousand times better than mine. Great job.

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    Thanks Joe! Your titles are excellent and I particularly enjoy “Last Knight on Earth” and “Where the Sheets Have a Stain.” I´m sure your ideas really flow whereas I often need a longer time until a few things come to mind. Your writing is always a great inspiration!

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    It’s your daily A Sort of Wine-Tasting !

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    Pam’s parody-titles are the best !!!

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    Thank you, Chris and Joe! Without your blog I would have never found these titles, Joe. You had the great ideas, I only tried to think about something similar.

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    parodies of U2 are sacreligious and any fun had with any U2 is against all U2 stands for !!!!

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    ps- who gave the thumbs down ???? DAMN her/him

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    Jim’s parody of the state of seriousness is very funny !!!

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    “At 54, the orbit of Weird Al’s hips is probably riddled with arthritis…” Hilarious as always, Joe!

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    Thanks Brook.

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