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“Let me introduce you to the scientist of the family.”  That was the introduction of The Edge by Bono at the Boston Garden on the Elevation DVD in 2001, what now seems like 100 years ago.
Today, I’m going to introduce you to another scientist in the U2 family.  No, he’s not as gifted musically and wouldn’t think of covering his locks of joy with a beanie, but like The Edge, his contribution to the U2 community is one of greatness.  His name is Jim, scientist by day, U2 fanatic morning, noon and night, 24/7, 365 days a year.
No, he hasn’t been to a bazillion shows or have thousands of dollars of U2 paraphernalia cluttering up his house, except the Joshua Tree lunchbox I sent him, Jim has something greater than that, he has the U2 spirit.  I first met Jim, along with my other good U2 friends deep in the bowels of the now defunct blogging section of about 5 years ago.  While my blogging friends and I were fixing the problems of the world one blog post at a time, Jim was busy hatching some plot and scheming some scheme.
Scientist Jim had one of his coworkers snap a picture of Jim wearing his white plastic lab coat with a simple U2 phrase “Zootopia” written on it.  The purple irises that the camera could not see caught something much more colorful, the birth of an idea.  Faster than Bono could say the word relevance, Jim’s care package called “The Lab Coat” was packed up and making its way around the world to other Zootopes who shared Jim’s passion of U2, stopping wherever a U2 fan was willing to don the masterpiece, adding on their few words of U2 encouragement, a song title here or a song lyric there.
Before you knew it, the “Lab coat” had racked up more frequent flier miles than U2.  Visiting such exotic places as Dublin, Spain, Austria & Albany???  Pictures were taken at every stop along the way chronicling the journey of Jim’s idea.  Each participant wore the lab coat with pride and a smile that illustrated how happy they were to be part of a community that has us all connected, regardless of distance.
Today, the lab coat is still on the road heading to a U2 fan near you. You, too, can absolutely be a part of this endeavor. Jim would not have it any other way. U2 may be in hibernation, but its fan base is alive and kicking, especially Jim.  We are all proud to have worn the lab coat, but we’re more proud of Jim’s simple idea that has brought U2 fans so much joy, and so much closer to each other.  We are most proud to call Jim our friend.
imageHidden within the fibers of Jim’s lab coat idea is the simplicity of doing something small to lift the human spirit.  Unlike Bono, none of us can sing or jet set around the globe on a minute’s notice to help those in need, but we all can do something to lift up those days and light up the nights for one person. A text of encouragement here, a phone call there, is all that is needed sometimes.  Let’s stop crying about not having desired time, and start making time for the things that are important, like family, friends, and reading my posts on  It will make you feel much better.  😉
If you are interested in participating in “The Lab Coat” Experience, register on the site and leave a comment in the comment section and I’ll pass it on to Jim or his lovely assistant, Deanna.

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An avid U2 fan, who doesn't take our group too seriously. Sixth grade teacher, married and have an 8 year old boy who is also a huge fan...he didn't have a choice.

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    “Let me introduce you to the scientist of the family.”  That was the introduction of The Edge by Bono at the Boston Garden on the Elevation DVD in 200
    [See the full post at: In Science & In “The Lab Coat?”]

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    What a wonderful tribute to our friend Jim and the great Lab Coat project he started almost two years ago! 🙂

    This is such a beautiful intitiative that truly symbolises the connections we have formed on the blog section. Joe, like you I´m proud and happy that I had the chance to wear Jim´s Lab Coat. When I received it I enjoyed seeing all the names and messages members had left and for me it was a pleasure to sign it myself. Deanna´s photo collection is a great document of an adventure. It´s so nice that you invite readers to participate. This is truly an unforgettable experience! 🙂

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    It still amazes me…the power in Jim’s simple idea. Each time another participant confesses that it was hard to let the lab coat go, I am reminded of how hard it was for me, even having received the coat in it’s early days. For me, Jim’s lab coat is more than a U2 dream, dreamed out loud. It is a reminder that so many people all over the world long for harmony among our nations…for love and peace, or else!!
    To Jim… there are no words.
    To those who have received the lab coat and passed it on already, I thank you for taking good care of my baby.
    To those who are still awaiting their turn, try to be patient. It will be worth the wait, and even more precious as it will have many more signatures than when I experienced it. 🙂
    Treat it gently; enjoy your time with it, and pass it on so the love can continue to grow.

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    Yes, it was hard to let the lab coat go, Leeny. After signing it I had to wait a while until I received the address of the next participant. Before sending it to the next Zootop I admired all the beautiful handwritten messages every day! We are all grateful that Jim encouraged us to wear the lab coat and write something personal inspired by U2. Through this project, the spirit of U2 is alive and I´m always glad to be part of a lovely U2 family together with my blogging friends. May the lab coat continue to bring happiness to many people all around the world! 🙂

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    When I got labcoat and I read all those names and the words written there I felt closer to all those who wore it before me, I had a great time taking pictures and yes, it was hard to let it go. But it’s great seeing others wearing it and the smiles on their faces say everything.
    I’m so proud to call Jim my friend, what he did is awesome, world is a better place because of ideas like this that bring us together.
    Thanks Jim 🙂

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    I had the “Lab Coat” early on & did not have that experience Ana. I bet it was a lot of fun. When we a get together to honor the Lab Coat, I will check it out again.

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    And you would love the things people added, music, pictures, sunglasses, letters…
    I would love to meet you all when labcoat go back home and read what people wrote on it.

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    Harmony, love, peace. Lovely words. Sweet ideals. The U2 ideal.
    Maybe somewhere down the road Liljay could scientifically make the lab coat be cloned. Or put it in a box overnight along w/ a new lab coat, some rose petals, & a U2 cd – and see if there’s a new little lab coat in the morning. (a la Joe’s awesome blog about such things.) 🙂

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    Sweet ideals indeed!

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    i am honored by this article……beautifully written, my brother….
    I am humbled by everyone’s participation , everyone’s love of it , eagerness for it to come to them (if you have signed up , it WILL come to you , just can’t say when , sorry)
    A LITTLE too much said about me , but I’m glad you in words so eloquently described the “U2 spirit”
    “U2 love ” is such an amazing thing … best friends experienced it in the GA line in St. Louis and couldn’t believe it .
    Its what takes me to the East Coast so much (other than the fact that the East Coast kix ass), its what will take me to Europe eventually !!!

    U2 love – FOR EV!!!!
    joe , I challenged you to write this article and you have SO OUTDONE YOURSELF !!! thank you !!!
    drinks on me one night when i’m next there !!!

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      Jim, it was my pleasure. Great ideas & their creators deserve the accolades written about them.

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