Not just Epic….VERY EPIC! That is what the king of hyperbole is calling U2’s next CD, Songs of Experience…VERY EPIC! Let’s add that to the list of catch paraphrases that Bono has used for past U2 releases, such as: “It’s an experiment in experimentation” for Pop to “Emmmm, we’re not too sure how this will do,” for NLOTH.

It’s no secret that a liar won’t believe anyone else, therefore I cannot believe Bono, here. Now, if Larry said it was going to be “Very Epic,” I’d already be lining up outside my local record store 3, 5, 7 months in advance, with my hard earned cash, awaiting it’s release…..but Bono??? Whose gonna ride your wild horsesh*t, not me. Been there, done that. For forty years, I’ve been haunted by the spectres that I’ve had to see, which is listening to the “Bono”fide king of sling and listen to him sling it, far and wide. No sir, not this time. I will not fall for it, I’m older and wiser. Nice try, Bono. Thanks for playing. I’ll decide if Songs of Experience is epic, very epic or very, very epic!

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