Another Brick from the Wall?!

Disclaimer: I’m not a collectable guy and now that we have that tidbit out of the way, a simple question: ARE YOU PEOPLE ON DOPE? Seriously, are you smoking the pipe? It’s a F*CKING WALL! Apparently, part of the dismantled wall from the infamous Windmill Lane, where U2 rehearsed, will be auctioned off for charity and U2 fans are ripping out their checkbooks ready to cash in….really…for a piece of graffiti littered wall?

When does the fandom line morph into the bat sh*t insanity line, because a few of you need to take a look back, you passed that no line on the horizon, a few miles ago. According to Paddy Dunning, “This is the wailing wall.” No sh*t, Paddy, I’d be wailing too if I dished out 1 cent or Euro for a slab of graffiti filled concrete that some yahoo scribbled their name on and probably some drunk took a leak on at 2:00 AM some Friday night. “It’s a treasured piece of Irish rock,” what? It’s not the f*cking blarney stone, it’s a wall. It’s not the great wall of China or the Berlin Wall or even Pink Floyd’s, The Wall, but some vandalized piece of cement.

$150 for a brick….you realize that U2 is coming back on tour next year, right? $150 will barely get you three beers in most facilities and you’re ready to dole out your hard earned on a piece of rock? And save that “It’s going towards charity” bula bula. You’re not throwing that curve ball by me, no sir. If you want to buy it, then buy it, but don’t give me that crap that you’re buying because of the charity connection or its “Historical value.” You’re buying it because you need to prop that piece of scribbled wall on your mantle piece and show it off to all your buds. Guess what, “THEY DON’T GIVE A SH*T!” Save your money! Economics 101….class dismiss!

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