Activist Fans, Really?

Unless you are a mole living in a hole, let me clue you into something…..AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM WITH GUNS! BIG TIME! Bono often says, that he’s proud of his activist fans, well fans, what have you done for Bono, lately? You’ve joined One. You buy from Red. You’ll spend half the day trolling Facebook for a 30 year old bootleg concert. Have you written your state senators yet, telling them to get off their collective asses and do something? Have you signed the stop NRA Petition making its way around the internet? Have you’ve done anything about this epidemic?

“His hand in his pocket
His finger on the steel
The pistol weighed heavy
In his heart he could feel”

You know what I feel in my heart….rage, anger, sadness, embarrassment and disgust. I don’t care if you’re a card carrying NRA loyalist. I don’t care if you’re a second amendment specialist. The time to get ALL the guns out of our country is upon us….NOW! I don’t care about your slippery slope speeches or any other of your bula, bula…what I care about is the senseless loss of innocent lives. I’M WIDE AWAKE, I’M NOT SLEEPING! Are you? If people have the power, to dream… to rule… to wrestle the world from fools….


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