U2’s Scandinavian Showdown!

Sweden coming in hot, this week! By now, you’ve heard about the “Security breach” that sent Swedes running back into their Stockholms, earlier this week at the U2 concert that had to be rescheduled. Thankfully, there were no “Two shots of Happy, One shot of Sad” moment and everyone was safe. Listen, I thought about taking a shot at Bono after the release of both Pop and NLOTH, too. (If anybody who’s reading this really believes that, then you’re delusional), but shoot Bono, now? SOI is a masterpiece and SOE is going to be even better. BANK ON IT! Shooting Bono or any other member of U2 would most certainly delay the release of the new cd by a week or two and we can’t have that.

SOI took 17 years to make and nobody wants to wait like that, again, well, maybe the nut who brought a gun into the concert hall the other night, who knows? Has Seasonal Affective Disorder begun early, this year? No doubt, this “Bono”fide Scandinavian sad sack is probably the only Zune owner in the northern hemisphere and felt left out of the IPOD fiasco, last year. Now, that I’m thinking of it, I wanted to take a shot at the band when they were on stage with ABBA performing Dancing Queen back in the early 90’s, too. Does anybody know where I was in the night of question? Wait, what?

Bottom line, no one was hurt and the rescheduled concert went off without a hitch. You think Bono and the boys batted an eye when this occurred….WRONG! When you’re the biggest band in the world and a polarizing group like U2 are, it comes with the territory. You think this kind of stuff happens at Thompson Twins concerts? In all honesty, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened at more U2 shows. For every 20,000 fans that pack the venues and that love this group, there are twice as many people that hate them or are indifferent to their music and causes. Misery loves company and when a group, like U2, stands up for hope, faith and love, those messages sort of goes contradictory, to the views of the misanthropes and I for one….love it. Hope, Faith and Love won again.

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