U2: One 4 the Books!

Cedarwood: A fairytale of Innocence, have you seen this yet? Two authors, who were probably inspired by U2’s ability to morph their way into the world’s Ipod, are set to morph their way into libraries around the world this week with this children’s book, sporting young U2 characters. This “stories for boys” and girl’s is dripping with irony right out of the gate. I mean, the cover has Bono carrying a guitar, wait, what? And if that’s not enough irony for you, one scene has a young Bono helping a young Adam find his glasses. For that scene, the authors must have been channeling “early 90’s Adam,” when Adam lost his glasses, his cookies and his mind, by not being able to perform at one of U2’s gigs. Apparently, young Bono doesn’t have glaucoma, either, which would have propelled this beauty onto the New York Times best seller list, immediately. I’m hoping there’s a picture of a young Gavin Friday with a brown nose in there, somewhere. If so, put me down for a bazillion copies. Irony dripping irony.

The story tagline is almost too much to bear:

“On his journey across Dublin, he meets his best friends and feels they are all in trouble somehow and in a different way. Kind and generous Bono helps them out with selfless patience. Meanwhile time is ticking. Will he arrive on time and what does it really take to be a hero?”

Are you kidding me? Everyone knows the ending of this page turner before you even have this in your pushcart on Amazon.com. Of course, Bono will arrive in time and save the day. That’s what Bono does, he saves the day, the night and everything in between! There’s not an African or a polar bear alive that doesn’t owe their lives to Bono. I’m pretty sure he was in the delivery room delivering my son, also.

The website states that this book will be available in five different languages, not sure if “Bonolese” is one of them, but do not be surprised if it is. So, what section of the library would you find this page turner in: Children’s Lit, Mythology or Legends? Regardless of your thoughts, feelings or reading level, all the proceeds from purchasing this book will be going to Red or what U2 haters lovingly refer to as, “Bono’s retirement fund.”


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