U2’s Flag is Getting Higher!

We’ve all pledged allegiance to U2 somewhere along the way over the past 35 years, but here in America, U2’s fight for justice has never felt more F*cking Awesome than in the past week. This week, all the colors truly did bleed into one. That red, orange glow of hatred known as the confederate flag is fading quickly into oblivion and is currently on the morphine drip awaiting to hear Taps & be buried into the history books as a horrific chapter comes to a close. Meanwhile, a new chapter of equality has begun in America. Joining Ireland, the United States now recognizes equal marriage rights for homosexuals in all 50 states. After the flood of protesting, all the colors came out last week and radiated from sea to shining sea. Leading the charge, the four guys who are infamous for chopping down the Joshua Tree, only this time, they’re chopping down ideas that are much more deep rooted, hatred and inequality.

U2’s flying of the white flag is legendary and has never wavered in thirty five plus years, but has taken some hits along the way. The foul wind of hatred has always tried to tatter U2’s message of equity to the core, but today that white flag is flying higher and prouder than ever before in history. Although the work of equality and justice is nowhere near complete, this week, we can stand a little prouder of the group that we pledged allegiance to a long time ago, because the white flag of peace will always prevail over any battleground where hatred and inequality lives.

Take a moment today and listen to, Angels Too Tied To The Ground and when the lines:

“I’m telling you
Waving a white flag
Baby got a white flag flying for you baby
Got a white flag, a white flag”

come over your speakers, feel proud of your group and the work that they’ve done and continue to do, for you and for all of us.

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