U2 Rehab

Has anyone out there in U2 land even considered what the f*ck they’re going to do “The Day After”? Sure, everyone’s hyped up for their particular show(s), but it’s the carnage that occurs afterwards that no one likes to talk about. I mean, somewhere in the recesses of your mind, the thought of absolute terror, mayhem & destruction begin to creep into your cranium, but you quickly dismiss it, because you know that harping on these thoughts will surely send you into the depths of despair. You think, “I’ll go crazy, if I don’t go crazy tonight” is crazy. That song is completely sane compared to the bat sh*t crazy of a shell of a person left behind, cradled in the fetal position, drowning in a cold sweat because their allotment of U2 shows has concluded. It’s like P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for U2 fans, except it’s called, P.U. (Post U2) and I’m here to tell you, that P.U. stinks. (see what I did there).

Are there rehab options available to deal with these issues, a Betty Ford Clinic maybe? Will health care cover the cost? Is group therapy an option? A Miracle Drug perhaps.

You think I’m kidding? Answer me this, has anyone seen or heard from U2Brother since realizing his dream in Montreal and getting on stage with U2 during Mysterious Ways? Thought so. Word on St. Catherine street is that Mark is now living underground, eating from a can. What do think you do after your U2 dream has been fulfilled, just slip back into being a great husband and a dad to your new born? WRONG! (For the literal nuts out there, that was a joke. Mark is doing fine.)

Why do you think good friend, an fellow U2radio contributor Deena goes to so many shows? Because she’s smarter than all of us combined. Keep going to shows, never slip into deep depression. 😉 Writing a book about following U2 keeps you permanently out of the padded room that is white as snow. Giving Larry a copy of your book & getting Larry’s drumsticks in Denver makes Deena easily the U2 fan in the best mental health of us all!

Those fans who were unable to score tickets or not going to any shows because of distance and or work/financial commitments are the true winners in this scenario. Blessing are not just for the ones who kneel, they’re also for the ones who never go to any U2 shows!

Here’s a link to Deena’s book: http://www.amazon.com/On-Road-U2-musical-journey/dp/0692422994/

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