In Denver & Still No Sign Of…

Can we now call U2’s NLOTH a complete disaster? I mean, how much more can SOI spit in NLOTH’s eye? It’s time to call the morgue and bury the corpse of NLOTH. Official time of death was back in 2009, but after umpteen shows on this tour and hardly even a snippet from NLOTH, shouldn’t that be evidence enough for even the hardened U2 fan that is holding on for some glimmer of hope, that U2 will not resurrect NLOTH on this tour. Get the body bag. Unless the boys get Rocky mountain high on the medicinal marijuana wafting through mile high this weekend, you won’t hear it there, either. Red Rocks help build the legend known as U2. You think U2 would tarnish that memory by playing Boots? Not under a blood red sky or a purple haze of Colorado’s best wacky tobacky will you hear anything off of NLOTH.

SOI buried NLOTH back in September and have curb stomped it into oblivion this tour. SOI is featuring 6-8 songs nightly and from most accounts, the songs are being well received. Hell, to even play Ordinary Love, a song that is not even featured on any U2 CD, on top of being a Grammy loser, over Magnificent, Boots or even Moment of Surrender says it all. A U2 CD hasn’t been this dissed this badly since the Elevation Tour spit out Pop. Sure U2 salvaged Gone for that tour, but come on, we know the rest of the story. We could even get, Ito Okashi off of Passengers before we hear anything from NLOTH ever again.

Some U2 fans have a difficult time saying a U2 song is bad, yet alone an entire CD….NOT THIS FAN! I’m on record saying that SOI is U2’s best work ever, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t taking into account the disgusting aftertaste SOI’S predecessor left in my mouth.

You think SOI is going to lose momentum 1/2 way through this tour and U2 will give up on the songs like they did with NLOTH…WRONG! SOI is here to stay. When U2 goes back on the road promoting Songs of Experience, U2 will still be playing SOI, it’s just a question of which ones to play.

Rest in Peace, NLOTH!

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