U2 let the An Cat Dubh out of the bag

U2 owes me a new phone! No, I’m not one of those nut job haters that were crying about SOI automatically being downloaded onto their iPhones, I’m talking about the KROQ show the other night in La La land. This one show morphed into 43 text messages from my fellow U2 nuts updating me on every song, speech and bowel movement that the boys did that night, not to mention my Twitter feed or FB. A reminder to my fellow U2 nuts….I’M EAST COAST AND HAVE A JOB! I recognize one 11 o’clock a day….11:00 PM is not one of them. Speaking of 11:00 o’clock tick tock….look what U2 just picked out of their a**. Where have they been hiding this gem? And The Ocean? WTF?

U2, you are officially on notice. You’ve let the An Cat Dubh out of the bag and proved that you still can rip these songs out at will. We don’t want the following to be played….WE NEED the following to be played:

A Day without Me
Another time, Another Place and

I don’t want to hear this bula, bula that they played these gems because it was a club gig, either. Boston Garden holds about 18,000, if that is too big for a “club gig vibe,” then we’ll move you to the Orpheum or House of Blues, those venues only hold a couple of thousand. So what if 16,000 fans get screwed out of tickets, as long as my crew and I are in….THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. 😉

BTW, if the only way in was to win, how the hell did Jack Nicholson get in? YOU WANT THE TRUTH…YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH….HE’S JACK NICHOLSON….THAT’S HOW HE GOT IN! and who the hell in this Judd Apatow? I had to google him and he looks like one of the mugs on a wanted poster in my post office. Sean Penn? I thought he was dead. Can’t U2 attract any young hotties to their shows? Where’s Jessica Abba hiding out? Bravo gentlemen for “Winning” your way in. 😉

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