Hey, Guy Oseary!

So I invited my boy, Guy Oseary to Boston in July for a little sit down, a pow wow, a meeting of the two biggest super powers in U2’s camp, alright…one super power & the other, a pathetic, little unknown blogger, to straighten all this nonsense out. Incredibly, I have yet to hear back from Guy.

To bring you up to speed, my own little private brew ha ha began last week with Guy. The biggest band in the world goes on their 1st world tour in five years, quite possibly their most important tour and Guy’s Twitter account develops laryngitis? Not one tweet pre/during/post opening night in Vancouver? Not one? Guy has to be worth a bazillion dollars, right? Guy, you need to hire some lackey to text out 140 characters of love for the group that began playing when you were just a little guy? Hell, for a modest, nominal fee and tickets to every U2 show, I’ll be your little “La Isna Bonita” on Twitter.

I understand that Guy has been with Madonna longer, but this isn’t the Thompson Twins we’re talking about, this is U2! The biggest bands in the world deserve & have earned their manager’s undivided attention. As a fan, I’m looking for more than photo ops with GA’ers that have been sleeping on the Vancouver streets for three days prior to opening night. At that point, GA’ers were so amped up for the show and sleep deprived, they would have been happy to see Guy Ritchie.

Listen, I’m stupid, not naive. I know Guy has been working hard behind the scenes to help get this circus on the road, but so haven’t roadies and fans don’t want to hear from roadies, we want to hear from Guy. We want your managerial insight, updates & to know when your limo will be pulling up curbside, so GA’ers can sneak in & grab a bottle or two of Crystal, simple things.

It’s time to bring your Tweet game to the next level, Guy & I’m the guy that can help. (See what I did there)😉 My Twitter game is gold. I’ve done more with 140 characters than Disney. My invite to Boston still remains open to discuss our future plans of working together. Don’t be trying to duck out on me, either. Hell hath no fury like a scorned U2 blogger & his 2.7 weekly readers. You want me on that U2 wall! You need me on that U2 wall! See you at the Boston meet up to discuss further.😉

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