What the Canuck?

Has video of cement in an empty Vancouver parking lot ever garnished more attention than it has this past week? Sure, the Pacific Coliseum is locked up tighter than Fort Knox, but did you really think that was going to stop U2 fans? Child, please. Put up your barricades, black out your windows, seal all the doors shut, hell, call in the Canadian Mounties, it will not stop the leaks of anything U2 related. Fact, we will know the entire set list before U2’s 1st show. Those of you that participated in last Tuesday’s Tweet fest at #U2request will be hearing Acrobat being practiced shortly, which means my push for Beach Sequence off of Passengers will probably never be heard.

This past week, we heard leaked audio footage of Vertigo, California, Volcano & Invisible being played. Was it live? Was it a recording? Who cares, U2 is rocking it out, that’s all that matters! If these song selections are any indication in which direction U2 is leaning towards for their shows, I cannot begin to tell you, HOW ALL IN, I AM! Yes, I was a little nervous that U2 may go Arlo Gunthrie on us for a bit and rip out the acoustic guitar and banjo, but it seems they may have rethought that and have decided to go “balls to the wall” and rock this MOFO out! Which is great! I want my ears to bleed and have permanent hearing loss. I want my heart to pop out of my body and have to pick it up off the Garden floor and reinsert it. I want to be jumping up with thousands of others and receive a concussion, while dishing out five concussions of my own, simultaneously. Did you hear Larry Mullen Jr. mention the possibility that Song for Someone may end the shows? I’m planning on leaving my shows on a stretcher and I’m thinking, “What a great song to be heading over to Mass General for an emergency surgery to my liver that will probably explode from all the beer I plan on drinking. I have never been so ready for July to come in my entire life….and I’m a teacher.

Bono is better…U2 is back…and we are ready! Let’s do this!


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