Easter, U2 Style!


Is there any day in the year more magical than Easter…I say no. And is there any more underrated U2 song than Window in the Skies…again, I say no.

Sure, giving birth to the son of God without having sex is surely magical and turning blood into wine is an incredible feat, but removing a two ton stone without any witnesses and levitating yourself up to Heaven is magical times infinity. That’s approaching David Copperfield’s level of sleight of hand & a twist of fate.

Window in the Skies is a GREAT SONG. So underrated, it hurts. “The grave is now a groove,” is the perfect lyrical appetizer to your spiral glazed ham on Easter. (BTW, If you don’t have pineapples with your ham, stop reading now & check yourself into a mental institution, because you are a certified nut).

Window in the Skies is that love song that us non heathens love to hear when we are down in the dumps of 40 days of Lenten despair. This Lent, I gave up getting critical needed updates from U2’s manager, Guy Oseary. Since Guy doesn’t do any updates, it was much easier than I thought. Go ahead, try not singing along when you hear Windows……it’s impossible. It can’t be done. Forget about John the Baptist & his followers cannonballing into the River Jordan, WITS has turned way more people onto Jesus. If Judas heard WITS back in 33 AD, then that garden scene would have had Jesus & Judas planting tulips together & drinking lemonade, instead of Judas ending up on the wrong end of a rope. Hell, WITS is so good, Pontius Pilate would have stopped roaming Rome for people to crucify and pulled a Brutus on himself. “Et tu Pontius?” “Damn straight, WITS rocks!”

This Easter, to LOVE I will rhapsodize and listen to one of U2’s most underrated gems, Window in the Skies.

Happy Easter

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