Gone…With The Wind!

Seriously, would you pay good money to take your head out of the mud and take a good, long whiff of some “Bono”fide gas? Kanye West fans are doing just that on Ebay. Currently, there are $5 bids to smell Kayne’s hot air? Which hole the hot air came out of Kanye is not known at this time. Also, bags of concert air from one of Kayne’s shows are going for the basement low price of $4,999. Gold-diggers, indeed. Is this what U2 meant when they sang, “Life should be fragrant, rooftop to the basement?” or “Who’s to say where the wind will take you?” Or “This shitty world sometimes produces a rose, the scent of it lingers and then it just goes?” Into the Fart would make a more interesting song title than “Into the Heart,” right? Bass Trap could do the one cheek sneak and instantly turn into Gas Trap. Invisible! Pop Musik! The list is endless. 😉

Most of the world already considers Bono to be a bag of hot, ill aired wind, why not try to now turn “it” into a profit? I mean, where do fans draw the flatulence line on the horizon, when it comes to collectible items? Imagine bottling up Larry’s “I could give two shits attitude about everything in life?” That has to be worth 7 figures, right? Does The Edge have any strands of hair left? If so, CA-CHING! Who knows how much one of Bono’s brown burps could bring in? I’m sure millions of fans would peel off those dollar bills, slapping them down, $100, $200 for an opportunity to smell one of U2’s cheek flappers. You’re delusional if you don’t think someone out there would lay down some of their hard earned unemployment checks to smell an “F bomb” from the B Man.

If you think about it from a collector’s point of view, having a bag of Bono butt gas would be a coup d’état. “Hey, I’ve been to 300 U2 shows!” “I have 3 copies of every U2 album wrapped in bubble wrap, mounted in pure silver & gold frames!” “Oh, yea, I have a baggie of Bono’s butt juice!” Instant winner! Imagine if it were from Chile!!!!

My fellow U2 fans, most of the world already thinks we are nuts for loving U2…let’s not add fuel to the unforgettable fire. 😉


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