Bono Draws His Line!

Word on the street from U2’s PR machine a week ago was that Bono was NOT going to show up to the 50 anniversary of the infamous march that began in Selma, Alabama. Anybody who thinks Bono was not going to the march because he’s still too injured from his bike riding incident, raise your right hand. Come on man, read between the lines. Bono’s not going to the anniversary, not because of his injury, he’s not going because it’s in ALABAMA! There’s a reason U2 hasn’t been to Alabama since 1992 and the reason is….IT’S ALABAMA! That’s ROLL TIDE country, where the people only care about college football and making sure the person their swapping spit underneath the bleachers with after the game is preferably not a relative.

Bono has obviously drawn his Mason Dixon Line in the sand. He’ll go to bombed out Bosnia and eat gruel with Haji in Ethiopia, but if you think he’s going to the land that has a spittoon as its state symbol, you’re delusional. You don’t have to be a geographic whiz to see U2’s feelings for the south. Think about it, why do you think U2 is starting their tour in Vancouver….it’s about as diagonally far away from Alabama one can get without freezing their Lemons off. U2 adding an 8th show in NY should be speak volumes to the people in Alabama. U2 prefers Manhatten to Montgomery. But don’t ya’ll fret, I’m sure Kenny Chesney will be there soon. YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!


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