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By now, you’ve heard about the Irish nut job with the golf club that was arrested on Larry Mullen Jr’s property a few months back and now found guilty.  Anyone know where Rory Mcilroy, the World’s number one golfer was when all this went down?  Anyhow, golf is a great game and U2 has referenced many golf terms numerous times, sometimes subtly, over the last three decades and nobody even noticed….until now.  Here are a list of golf terms used by U2 and where you could find them.

Birdie – See the bird with the leaf in her mouth. (Beautiful Day)

Hole– God shaped hole. (Mofo)  Good luck playing this hole.  It’s one of the hardest holes on earth and plays slightly over par…3.33 to be exact.

Fade – To let it go. So not fade, fade, fade away. Fade away, fade away. (Bad)

Fat– Big Girl’s are Best 😉

Foursome– Jesus, Mary, Joseph & Bono

Green– See the world in green & blue. (Beautiful Day)

Groove– The Edge groves with it. (Mysterious Ways)

Half-Into the half-light. (Bad)

Line– No Line on the Horizon

Run– Numerous uses -(Bullet the Blue Sky) (ISTHFWILF) (TTTYAATW)

Sole– The goal is “Soul” 😉

Stony– Shoots up through the stony ground (Beautiful Day)

U2, like most of my blog posts, can sometimes be sub par, regardless, you can’t get a hole in one unless you take a shot.  It’s U2’s willingness to take the shots that make them so attractive.  It’s that risk/reward thing, (Putting their heads over the parapet).  Why lay up when you’re 200 yards away from the green and have to fly it over water, when you can go for the Silver & Gold and stick it within 3 feet of the pin?

Too many people choose to lay up, both in golf and life, due to fear.  Fear in golf and in life cripples you from ever being as successful as you can possibly be.  Sure, your shot could sink to the bottom of the water hazard or find its way into the sand bunker.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hooked, sliced or shanked a shot in my illustrious golf career, but it never stopped me from going for the green.

So, if mystery golf trespasser was teed off at Larry Mullen Jr., I give his approach shot an “A” for effort.  He’s not just putting around waiting in hopes of seeing Larry, he’s going for the green.  Bravo, my fellow golfer…Bravo!  😉




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