U2 VidWorks – Vertigo (Hanover Version)

Today, we are taking a look at what was technically the first video for U2’s 2004 single “Vertigo.” This video was filmed in U2’s Hanover Quay rehearsal space and studio. There are a quite a few things that I enjoy about this video and one simple thing that almost ruins it for me. I’ll start out with the good stuff. You all know, if you have been following this series for any length of time, that I like videos wherein the band does a straightforward performance of the song in question. Well, this is one of those videos. It starts out with a little chuckle as Larry is seemingly late to show up to the proceedings. Bono, in particular, appears to be impatient for Larry’s arrival. The drummer enters through a door at the back of the studio, closes the door, slips on some shades, and takes a seat behind his drum kit to get down to the matter at hand. That’s all the story there is to this video, and from there on it’s just over three minutes of pure rock and roll. The entire band is in fine form for this video, as there are some good close-ups of everybody, and they are all appropriately aggressive-looking and serious about the song. Bono engages in some fantastic antics as he acts out the words to the song in addition to wrapping the microphone cord around his own neck and pretending to choke out Edge. Seriously, there is a lot to recommend this video, if only I could get past one thing…Bono’s hair. In the first place, it’s just a little bit too short. I wear my own hair long, and I like it when a dude’s hair is long enough to be pulled back into a pony-tail. Bono’s hair isn’t quite long enough for that as he wears it in this video. I could get over it if that were the only problem I had here, but, unfortunately, my complaints do not end there. I hate, hate, hate how greasy Bono’s hair looks in this video. It looks like he hasn’t washed it in weeks. Every U2 fan has had to get over some of Bono’s dodgy hairstyles in the past. The Live-Aid video comes to mind, and I honestly love that video. I think that Bono looks ridiculous in it, but I manage to get past that and still enjoy the performance. I just can’t get past this one. It gets slightly better as the video progresses, because his hair gets a little messed up and it doesn’t lay so flat against his scalp, but even that is not enough to save this video for me. That’s OK. I still love Bono, and I forgive him his bad choices when it comes to hairstyle. Someday, maybe, I’ll be able to move past his hairstyle here and properly enjoy this video. Next week, we will move forward and take a look at my all-time favorite promotional video, “All Because of You.” Join us, won’t you?

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