U2’s Visual Experience Arrives in Santa Clara


To the 50,000 fans who filled Levi’s Stadium to capacity on May 17, this was not merely another concert. It was the start of summer, the revisit of those years gone by and much more.

30 years in the making a return to something bigger, more significant than the news today of Mr. Trump and his issues. All of that was pushed aside to witness again “The Joshua Tree” the complete album from start to finish, mix in a couple of staples and you have the summer’s biggest concert.

Great does not define the experience.  Great describes a cold beer, a great meal, the trip to the venue.

U2 / Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS

U2 / Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS

A visual experience with a human touch that defies time limits yes the band did blow right past the local curfew which should have been assumed by any local agency if they took the time to see how long show could be.  Ask any fan they surely would have given some suggestions.

Anyway, skip that BS for now, back to the visual experience. The wall which stands right in front of you provides the backdrop to the album and well your life. It’s personal, yet it is also a venue for 50,000 people. The images explode upon the screen forcing you to step back and take a second and feel the connected vibe of image and sound.  This tour is about the music.  Get emerged into the music forget about all that other bullshit of mortgages, work, and blah blah politics just push that all aside for tonight your take back in time.

The setlist and a few videos located our extended coverage page. Did you attend the show? Have some photos or images you want to share? Send them to us directly [email protected]
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