There Was No New U2 Single Today. So Here’s This.

Like most of you, I thought something big was going to happen today. It didn’t, which really sucks because we could all use some good U2 news right now. So instead of something that excitedly recaps the unveiling of a new single, I give you this little piece of sillyness.

I dare you to google Bono’s name with pretty much anyone. You’ll almost certainly find something. How do I know this? Because as a practice, I try to find a U2 connection for as many celebrity birthdays and deaths as possible. Here are celebrities I was able to find some U2 connection for over the past year, linked to my tweets or articles. And no, not all of these people have passed on (although sadly, most have). Here goes:

This was a quick one, but there should be something much more substantial in the U2 universe to talk about…soon? Maybe a little something called “Tightrope.” Maybe something the world will appreciate on its merits as a song rather than complaining about its delivery method. Maybe it’s a good thing this didn’t happen at Apple today, because we won’t have to deal with whiny little hipster techies complaining about music being “forced” on them. There’s a right time for it, and I’m sure it’s coming soon.

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