Dublin City Council confirms the U2 Video Shoot on Dublin Bridge

atmosphere-samuel-beckett-bridge-closed-as-u2_4339199According to The Sunday Times, the Dublin city council confirmed that last Sunday’s closing of the Samuel Beckett bridge was for a U2 video shoot. Last Sunday’s closing of the bridge was to enable filming on a “U2 project” but the band members were not present. Picture of the clapper showed “Summer Nights,” and it listed Mark Romanek as the director. U2 had to pay €8,241 to close the Dublin streets for the video.

After a weeks worth of speculation I guess we have a official confirmation that what many thought was a U2 related production was a U2 production. Our guess is that the firework event on the Lough Sheelin was also a U2 related filming, but at this time there is no direct confirmation on that.

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