U2 new album rumors, and deleted tweets continue

We are quickly reaching the end of August and the U2 new album rumors are as hot and heavy as ever. Rumor is that U2 could be in LA this week.  “U2 is recording some material” according to The Edge’s cousin Ciara Lawrence who tweeted about this on August 22 2014. But as with all informative tweets related to the new U2 album, it has since been deleted.

Recent tweet deletes:

– Colombia Universal Music tweet delete about album/song title Sirens
– Concept K Design tweeted: “At this moment, @CONCEPTK_DESIGN is Nice with Impact event for the filming of the music video for #u2” it was soon to be deleted.
– Now The Edge’s cousin Ciara Lawrence tweeted but later it was removed.

It’s obvious that the U2 machine is beginning to get moving. It’s interesting to see the recent tweet suicides we seem to be seeing with anything related to the U2 release. It’s either a lot of missteps, or a series of orchestrated boo boos which would lead to posts like this one. Which is fine and keeps the fandom ginned up, and keeps me in a job here at U2 Radio.

Now back on course, there is also Terry Lawless (who is the 5th member of U2, you didn’t know that?) Seriously, Terry Lawless has worked with U2 many years, and worked on the 360 tour with keyboard work. Anyways, he recently posted on Facebook the following:

To dispel rumors: I am stepping away from my local gigs after August because I am heading back out with U2. NO PLANS FOR A NEW TOUR YET, but I have worked with the band for 14 years and there are many other things that I do for them. I am hoping we will be touring next year, but for now there are other things that pull me away from the Central Coast. I have had a good run with some great bands and wonderful musicians. The fans have been supportive and incredibly enthusiastic. As always, I have tried to elevate my game and push every act to be as good as they can be. Thanks for all the love and support. I have a few gigs left. I hope to see my familiar faces once more before I take off.
I think I will be back for the annual Costa De Oro Winery Halloween party. The crowd was off the hook there last night for The Paisley Brothers.
I will miss everybody, but hope to come back stronger and more entertaining when I return. Many heartfelt thanks.

So does this mean that he will be hooking up with U2 in LA for some finishing work on the album, maybe some post work for some possible live gigs for the run up to a new album release? To me this means that things are looking very interesting for the month of September. As always stay close to U2 Radio for the latest U2 news, rumors, and the best U2 music streaming online.

So, in closing, I ask you, who will be the next famous U2 friend, or family that will need to delete a tweet? Feel free to post below, and let me know!


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