Audio of a possible New U2 song, ‘Song For Someone’

A New Beach Clip Audio posted, and a History of U2 blaring new material

Here it happens again, a U2 fan (Paul) in Eze recorded this from the beach on the coast in southern France. The song is hard to hear but you will hear the crashing waves in the background (most times the crashing waves are in the foreground) with the song being fain. You got to turn it up and listen close, but in some spots, like 2:30 mins into the recording you can make out a good portion of the song. Seems U2 loves to blare new unreleased songs in Eze for all to record.

Check it out on soundcloud:

We have it here for download.


Beach clip past? Yes there is a history of fans making recordings from U2 blasting tunes, like this one found in the archives  from July 2006.

July 2006:


Here is the full 18 minutes that include all ‘Known’ songs. Not sure of the names other than they sound kinda like some mixes from ATYCLB. Quality is not very good, but what can you expect form a hand held recorder. Thanks to our French friends for capturing this for the world!

New U2 material from the South of France.

Here’s the 18 minutes of the beach clips that where captured by some French fans in Eze.

We have listed them as followed:

Clip 1 – 3:51
Clip 2 – 4:16
Clip 3 – 4:15
Clip 4 – 3:53 
Clip 5 – 2:14 
(Not U2, but a recording of a Strokes tune called ‘In Transit’.)

Sound Quality :

Listenable but surprisingly clear!


Here is the May 2008 beach clip (minus the beach)

May 2008:


This audio was posted on the Interference forum, it’s being posted to quench some thirst for new U2. Turn it up, and listen close. From U2 HQ.

Download: U2HQ(tweaked) U2DMfan Edited Version – 2 minutes 15 sec – 5/17/2008 – Dublin, Ireland

Above image provided originally by the_edge98

So there you have it a brief, VERY brief, history of the fan recorded leaks over the past several years. Feel free to let us know (in the comments below) if we have left something out.

Thanks to for the original link to the clip.

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